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“This pose stands out for me be­cause, one, it’s not very dif­fi­cult; in fact, for be­gin­ners, this is a re­ally good pose to mas­ter, as it’s a very ground­ing pose, and it helps give you a very good sta­bil­ity in your legs, in­ner thighs, hips and bu ocks, which a er that, a lot of the poses that come a er­wards will be rel­a­tively eas­ier. Se­condly, it’s feel­ing the li le nu­ances on a deeper level with this pose: How many ro­ta­tions are you ge ing into your torso? How comfo ably can you breathe through your chest and belly in that twisted po­si­tion? How far can you keep your hands ac­tive? It helps de­velop a ki­naes­thetic aware­ness within you, and help­ing you un­der­stand the re­la­tion­ship of your body with the space around you, so you can move more flu­idly through it.”

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