The new Richard Mille RM 25-01 Tour­bil­lon Ad­ven­ture is ready to bring ac­tion and dis­cov­ery to life akin to those of Sylvester Stal­lone’s char­ac­ters

The RM 25-01 Tour­bil­lon Ad­ven­ture Sylvester Stal­lone is ready to bring ac­tion, ad­ven­ture and dis­cov­ery to life, with Rocky Bal­boa and Rambo him­self at the helm


DE­VEL­OPED IN COL­LAB­O­RA­TION with Sylvester Stal­lone, the new RM 25-01 Tour­bil­lon Ad­ven­ture Chrono­graph at­tests Richard

Mille’s and the ac­tion star’s abil­ity to con­quer the most thor­oughly hos­tile of nat­u­ral en­vi­ron­ments. Hero of the novel First Blood by David Morell, John Rambo has em­bod­ied the spirit of ad­ven­ture for over thirty years. First por­trayed by Stal­lone in 1982, this char­ac­ter of a man tor­mented by a war without mercy had a ma­jor im­pact on the ac­tor’s ca­reer, re­veal­ing Sly as the man of Hol­ly­wood ac­tion films. With its hith­erto un­heard-of func­tion­al­i­ties that go to the very heart of the watch, the RM 25-01 could eas­ily be imag­ined on John Rambo’s wrist. Truly a horo­log­i­cal UFO, this time­piece is, as Sylvester Stal­lone says, “Ready for ac­tion.”


De­spite our seden­tary mod­ern life­style, hu­mans re­tain from our no­madic past a thirst for ad­ven­ture and dis­cov­ery. As new tech­nolo­gies make it pos­si­ble to sit­u­ate one­self to the near­est cen­time­tre any­where on the globe, to­day’s ad­ven­tur­ers seek to chal­lenge their ca­pac­ity to sur­vive un­der per­ilous con­di­tions. The goal of the tech­ni­cal ap­proach adopted by the RM 25-01 was to pro­vide a tool that would al­low th­ese brave souls to get around safely, wher­ever they might be. Stal­lone has al­ways had a dis­tinct pref­er­ence for im­pos­ing wrist­watches. Many noted the RM 032 on a red strap that he wore through­out The Ex­pend­ables 3, which he also di­rected. It was thus in­cum­bent on the RM 25-01 to adopt the round shape of the for­mer, per­fect for ac­cu­rate read­ing of the time and suit­able for hous­ing a com­pass, a cru­cial piece of equip­ment for any ad­ven­ture, which Stal­lone spe­cially re­quested. In terms of move­ment, the Cal­i­bre RM25-01 Tour­bil­lon is Richard Mille’s sig­na­ture technicity at its best.


Its base­plate and bridges, ma­chined out of ti­ta­nium, ef­fec­tively sup­port a mech­a­nism that com­bines a tour­bil­lon com­pli­ca­tion

and the com­plex­ity of a new ‘com­pe­ti­tion’ chrono­graph move­ment. It took the brand’s en­gi­neers sev­eral months of work to op­ti­mise the cal­i­bre. In the end, they suc­cess­fully re­duced its weight while in­creas­ing its pre­ci­sion and long-term chrono­met­ric re­li­a­bil­ity. The over­all re­duc­tion in in­er­tia goes hand in hand with a 50% lower en­ergy con­sump­tion. The 70-hour power re­serve, vis­i­ble us­ing the cou­pling and func­tion in­di­ca­tors, drives an un­usual 24-hour dis­play, es­sen­tial for dis­tin­guish­ing am and pm should the viewer be de­prived of sun­light. The round case show­cases a com­bi­na­tion of ti­ta­nium and Car­bon TPT, the in­de­struc­tible com­pos­ite whose dam­a­scene sur­face has be­come some­thing of a brand sig­na­ture, and which sig­nif­i­cantly re­duces the over­all weight of the watch.

Wa­ter re­sis­tant to 100m, the RM 25-01 comes with two in­ter­change­able bezels.

The first is a com­pass in ti­ta­nium with DLC coat­ing that has both a fixed and a ro­tat­ing bezel. Its bay­o­net mount makes it quick and easy to fix on the case. The Car­bon TPT cover has a mir­rored back and a slot at 12 o’clock to in­crease pre­ci­sion of sight­ings with the com­pass nee­dle. Its sap­phire crys­tals are lay­ered with an­ti­mag­netic coat­ing to pre­vent any mu­tual in­ter­fer­ence of the move­ment and com­pass. A spirit level lo­cated at 4 o’clock makes it pos­si­ble to check that the watch is per­fectly hor­i­zon­tal for bet­ter read­ings. De­tached from the watch, the com­pass may be af­fixed to a plate made of Car­bon TPT. Ideal for ori­en­tat­ing, this con­fig­u­ra­tion pro­vides, among other things, lines in­di­cat­ing the di­rec­tion to take when fol­low­ing a course on a map.

The com­pass bezel may be switched out by the wearer for a bidi­rec­tional bezel in Car­bon TPT and ti­ta­nium, with a 24-hour scale, a 360°grad­u­ated disc, and in­di­ca­tions for the car­di­nal di­rec­tions. No cal­cu­la­tions are re­quired̶all that’s needed is to face the sun with the hour hand and turn the bezel so the lo­cal time is in­di­cated on its 24-hour scale̶ the wearer can then iden­tify north, south, east and west in ei­ther hemi­sphere. At 2 o’clock, a her­metic com­part­ment in ti­ta­nium can hold wa­ter pu­rifi­ca­tion tablets that make a litre of any wa­ter safe to drink in 30 to 120 min­utes, depend­ing on the level of pol­lu­tion.

In keep­ing with the spirit of ad­ven­ture, a sculp­tural strap in nat­u­ral rub­ber sport­ing a cam­ou­flage mo­tif is used to keep this 20-piece lim­ited edi­tion time­piece se­curely fas­tened on the wrist. AM

Richard Mille and Sylvester Stal­lone Stal­lone at his stu­dio. A man of many faces, the ac­tion film icon is also an a ist and now Richard Mille’s col­lab­o­ra­tor

RM 25-01 Tour­bil­lon Ad­ven­ture Sylvester Stal­lone

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