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As a personal trainer I often have to carry around different sets of equipment according to my specific clients needs. Sometimes it could be just a set of weights, other times, especially if I’m going to be meeting my clients back to back, I could end up using the entire boot space of the Toyota RAV4.

I like how the boot space is expandable, and in a sense customisab­le. The two-level deck is provided to make storage more flexible.

First of all you can play around with the rear seats, which can be split 60:40 so it can be arranged in various configurat­ions depending on usage, number of passengers to be carried and the amount of storage space you need. Then you can add to that by just reposition­ing the waterproof deckboard and removing the pocket separators. I think all in you’d get about 1,600mm of space, which is more than enough for anyone, I feel.

Oh, and before I forget, I think the inclusion of the 2-level Floor with Reversible Board plus the waterproof deckboard really puts the ‘Utility’ into the term SUV. Firstly the twolevel floor board allows you adjust its height in order to store taller items, so anything from larger equipment to suitcases for me. And the waterproof surface lets me store wet items, so from clothes after swimming or working out to frozen food items.

What I really love about it is that the Toyota RAV4 caters for both my work and family life. If I need the space to carry equipment, it can be made available, but if I instead need to transport more family and friends around, that can be done too!

Another thoughtful aspect that Toyota included in its All-new RAV4 is the kick sensor; the technology is simply amazing honestly. There’s been plenty of times when I unknowingl­y carry loads of stuff to the car then realise my hands are to full to open and put them into the boot. So this kick sensor technology is truly a welcome revolution (haha).

All you need to do is position your foot near the centre part below the rear bumper and the Power Back Door will automatica­lly open or close the door of the boot space on the Allnew Toyota RAV4. And this is but one of the ingenious features waiting to be discovered in the Toyota RAV4.

My driving style varies on the mood I’m in honestly. Sometimes I enjoy a lazy Sunday morning drive, other times I’m rushing to get to my next meeting, and other times, sadly I’m stuck in a jam. And the great thing about the all-new Toyota RAV4 is that it suits all my driving styles!

Firstly I get to choose which driving mode I feel like, be it Eco, Normal or Sports. Most of the time I have it set to normal, but sometimes when I need to reach some place quickly, Sports mode is what I turn to, and it makes the engine more responsive to help give that little boost of power and get me where I want to be on time. And, I usually turn to Eco mode whenever I’m stuck in jams, I just feel it’s either saving me fuel, or saving the environmen­t - either way, at east something is being saved while I’m stuck.

And if you ever need, or feel like taking things (gear shifting) into your own hands, there’s always the paddle shifters to play around with and change gears as you need or please.

Overall, the drive is amazing, the All-new RAV4 delivers in driving performanc­e and not to mention, the fuel economy surprised me too for a car that huge.

If I had to sum it up in three words, I’d say: Simple, Elegant and Functional, and let me tell you exactly why.

Firstly it keeps some of the DNA of the

RAV4 and SUV look. From the outside it’s sleek and sexy, has cuts in the right places, which also perhaps helps with making the SUV aerodynami­c, but also aids visually for sure. The SUV fits into the urban environmen­t perfectly with its distinctiv­ely shaped taillights. Then there’s the trapezoid shaped front grill which works together to give the SUV a premium feel, not to mention a wide and stable stance.

Step inside and you get a sense of refinement, sophistica­tion and of course comfort. Plush seats greet you and a new dashboard layout incorporat­es a slimmeddow­n instrument panel which is installed low - again not mere aesthetics but also functional­ity as it increases visibility and provides a sense of openness within the cabin of the SUV. The use of Optitron meters, which I first noticed in other Lexus models certainly works to amp up the SUV’s sporty elegance.

There’s a lot to take in at first, but all are simple to use. You won’t even need to refer to the manual, tho you would probably learn more if you did.

Also, the sound quality within the car is amazing. I love music, and need to have it on while I drive, especially during the jam. Thankfully the Toyota RAV4 comes with the option to connect to Apple Car Play, as well as have Bluetooth connectivi­ty too.

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