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SPACIOUS UTILITY VEHICLE The All-new Toyota RAV4 boasts best in class spaciousne­ss and utility


MANY PEOPLE OPT for an SUV because they want to live life large; there’s just so much they want to do and so much to bring around. Thankfully with the All-new Toyota RAV4, spaciousne­ss and practicali­ty is definitely not a worry.

As seen above, the All-new Toyota RAV4 can suit almost any lifestyle, from the gym-goer who needs place for his or her equipment, to the golfer that needs to store their clubs, as well as cyclists, who love to go to far-away places and enjoy the scenic route. but of course, it’s not just the sporty ones who benefit from all the space. Big families have the convenienc­e of owning lesser cars, as this SUV could fit the entire entourage.

Having the entire family in tow also means that the All-new Toyota RAV4 is perfect for long drives to holiday destinatio­ns in comfort and safety. And with the Restricted Movement Control Order in place, what better time is there to discover the beauties or Malaysia’s natural landscape via the roads.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about luggage space. Whether some of your family members pack light, or some (extremely) heavy, with a mix of large and small suitcases, this SUV caters for all sizes. Not only are its rear seats split foldable in a 60:40 manner to accommodat­e more items, but the cargo space also features a two-level floor with reversible board, seen below.

This means that aside from just storing more things, you can also store things of different sizes together easily ‒ as the

floorboard can be lowered to another level to fit taller luggage. And not to mention, it also includes a waterproof surface to store wet items. Trips to the beach with the family will never be more simpler and cleaner to deal with in terms of storing soaked t-shirts and beach playthings.

Aside from all that space, there’s also the utility which makes the Allnew Toyota RAV4, well, a Sports Utility Vehicle. Toyota definitely were intuitive when it came to the design and features of this fifth generation SUV. Apart from the thoughtful Kick-sensor Power Back Door which makes storing items in the trunk easier ‒ by automatica­lly opening and closing the back door by performing a kick motion under the rear bumper ‒ there are more practical design cues featured in this amazing vehicle.

Take for example the numerous cup holders located at the centre tray and rear armrests for your convenienc­e. Neither driver nor passenger would have to bug each other again to pass a drink to the other when thirsty during the drive. Then there’s also the sleek front overhead console, which keeps the drivers sunnies easily and readily available, should he or she require it on a bright and sunny day.

The verdict is this: If you’re looking for an elegant and stylish SUV that is both practical, spacious and comfortabl­e ‒ basically the perfect ride, then look no further than the All-new Toyota RAV4.



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