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The brand new OPPO Watch is the world’s first smartwatch with a dual-curved display with Wear OS by Google. With Wear OS by Google, the OPPO Watch series provides a bunch of helpful features with a wide variety of apps from the Google Play Store. The watch connects to your smartphone and allows you to check the daily news, stream music, text quick replies, play games and even make payment on the go. The OPPO Watch maximises performanc­e with a fast charging system that delivers 16 hours of power in the span of 15 minutes and is able to track your lifestyle and calculate your health data, which is perfect for people leading a busy lifestyle. Besides that,users can opt to pair the smartwatch with a wide range of wrist straps of different colours and materials, and switch styles instantly with the unique one-button press removable strap. Users are also offered the option to show off their style and personalit­y through a unique feature that uses AI to generate a unique watch face based on the users’ OOTD.

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