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Tommy Hilfiger picked James Bay to front its latest fragrance, Impact. The British crooner tells us what the word means to him and more




JAMES BAY’S RISE TO STARDOM has been a measured, steady climb. The British crooner released his first single Hold Back The River in 2014, at age 24, and it went platinum.

His debut album released the following year, Chaos And The Calm, sold more than 350,000 copies. He has since been nominated for three Grammies, released his sophomore album Electric Light, and worked with Dave Cobb (who produced the soundtrack for A Star Is Born) and The Killer’s Brandon Flowers. Bay is definitely making a mark with every step he takes, which is why he’s ideal as the face of Tommy Hilfiger’s latest fragrance, Impact.

What was it like working on the campaign shoot?

I was surprised by how much time I spent with a guitar in my hands throughout the shoot. I even got to put my acting skills to use. I’m really excited for the world to see it.

What does the word “Impact” mean to you?

It relates to the impression you make on people. As a musician, I want my music and performanc­es to relate to my fans.

What scents have made an impact on you?

I love the smell of Christmas: spices, citrus and firewood. I also like the smell of nature because it brings back memories of a carefree childhood. In fact, this eau de toilette evokes some of those feelings because it has sandalwood, citrus and hints of sweet amber in it.

On what so this scent?

This fragrance is a versatile one. It adds a rugged flair to whatever you wear, whether it’s a suit or a T-shirt-and-jeans get-up, because it’s so uplifting, I also like to wear it as a mood-booster when I perform.

If you could write a song titled “Impact”, what would it be about?

It would be about struggling against all odds and emerging victorious. Nothing makes an impact better than a song about striving for the best.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Impact EDT is available at major depa ment stores islandwide

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