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For a luxury fashion house that’s known for hewing close to its traditions, with the success of the strategy keeping Hermès on top̶rather than keeping it safe, the creative director of Hermès Men for more than 30 years has opted to reach outward. And successful she was, Véronique Nichanian offered an array of youthful lineups. She has updated the look of her famously nonchalant Hermès man with hooded parkas, leather overshirts, sleeveless waistcoats, quilted t-shirts, striped sweater vests and fleece jackets with a sporty flair. The collection features a palette of warm, light-toned neutrals ranging from shades of sand, cream and ivory that largely take over the garments, speckled with plaid detailing and muted hues of lime, mustard and baby blue. Reuniting with French playwright and director Cyril Teste once again for this year’s Winter collection, the dynamic duo has worked hand-in-hand̶presenting a digital show at Paris Fashion Week, live from her hometown and favoured location, the City of Lights. As the models wandered around Mobilier National in Paris, some chatted in a crowd while the rest leant against walls as several cameras roamed with them̶zooming in on the intricate details of each fashion piece. Extraordin­arily inventive, the Hermès Fall Winter 2021 collection forms a bridge between playful, voguish designs and the refined elegance that comes from the fashion house.

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