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A part of XIAOMI’s new range of Smart AloT products where they are trying to promote smart home living, comes the invention of XIAOMI Smart Speaker with IR Control. This smart speaker that comes in a sleek and stylish dark grey is a perfect blend of technology and craftsmans­hip thanks to its features all packed into one compact body.

One of the features that makes it more than just a speaker is the integrated LED clock display, the display supports adaptive brightness. Furthermor­e, the built-in IR function accompanie­d with Google Assistant is able to control the appliances in your home via voice control whenever you step into the room. Thus bringing smart home living to your everyday non-smart devices.

When it comes to being a speaker, the XIAOMI Smart Speaker comes with an all side speaker cone which increases its capacity. The overall base design of the speaker contribute­s to rich and detailed sound of the speaker, creating an overall balanced sound field from all angles. Last but not least, you’re able to connect seamlessly to multiple smart speakers to synchronis­e your smart home.

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