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This one’s for the hardcore runners. The Gel-Kayano 29 adds the FF Blast Plus cushioning ‒ a lighter material that does not forsake padding and protection ‒ in the upper midsole. But its most impressive feature is the Litetruss technology in its medial and the external heel counter; these features work together to give the Gel-Kayano its trademark stability. It is indeed the most stable pair among these four, and is especially useful for those whose feet tend to overpronat­e upon landing, or whose gait and stance tend to deteriorat­e as fatigue sets in. As such, it’s the best shoe for high- to extremely high-mileage runners. These are the training shoes if you want to quite literally go the distance. That said, it is also a great pair if you’re prone to twisting your

ankle and need something with considerab­le support and protection.

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