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Touch down in Antigua, jump on board the resort’s private yacht, breeze across a turquoise 3.2 km stretch of sea and you’ll arrive at your 121.4-hectare island home, one of the most desirable, all-inclusive retreats in the Caribbean.

Fill days with spontaneit­y and breezy pleasures at the private resort’s pools and powder white beaches, or stroll through lush gardens and freewheel along two kilometres of palm-fringed paths. Alternativ­ely, you can enhance your stay with some extra therapy, with a world-renowned spa offering a curated menu of treatments that combine the use of modern practices from all over the world with ancient healing remedies of the West Indies and African cultures. In the heritage of traditiona­l herbalists, serums are derived from local natural ingredient­s including coconut, aloe, neem, lemongrass, and other essential oils and spices to organicall­y encourage the regenerati­ve nature of the body, mind and spirit.This is an island of leisure and wellness with water sports, land sports and special activities for teens and tots.

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