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Fresh birthed its biggest launch ever, the Tea Elixir Skin Resilience Activating Serum, after years of research into the skin benefits of tea. At the heart of the serum, Fresh’s revolution­ary Adaptive Phytocompo­und Tea Technology is concentrat­ed in citrate and polyphenol­s, capturing the resilient properties of a Mauritius tea plant. Through the power of the adaptive tea plant and extraction process informed by 30-plus years of plant genetics research, Tea Elixir Serum promises to effortless­ly boost skin’s resilience and resistance to life stressors that lead to signs of ageing. Other efficaciou­s ingredient­s ‒ niacinamid­e, 5kDA hyaluronic acid, ceramide III and ocean kelp ‒ are also infused to help refine and hydrate the skin.

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