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Pasar Grub is a social business that provides a platform that makes essential produce accessible for everyone. Believing in the philosophy that nobody should go hungry in a world of plenty, the social enterprise is committed to connect farmers and distributo­rs to people in need, all while reducing food waste and saving the environmen­t. By purchasing surplus food, Pasar Grub is able to provide local farmers and distributo­rs an additional revenue stream.

Andrew Dana Wesley, Co-founder and Director of Pasar Grub, said, “It’s important that we work together with our partners. Whenever surplus occurs, they can ring us up and we’ll arrange for collection. Before we collect, we need to engage the suppliers so that they can have a good idea as to what our mission is. Once they have a clear picture, we’ll proceed with the collection.”

Lye Kok Shiuh, Co-Founder of Pasar Grub added, “Most of the time, we operate on a per request basis. It could be daily, or even multiple times a day, it’s entirely dependent on whether suppliers have surplus food to offer.”

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