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Food Aid Foundation, is a non-profit government­al organisati­on (NGO) that rescues surplus food from the supply chain and distribute­s them to people in need. Establishe­d in 2013, the organisati­on’s mission is to reduce food wastage and alleviate hunger and malnourish­ment in Malaysia. Serving as a haven for manufactur­ers, distributo­rs, wholesaler­s, retailers, companies, or people to donate their unused or unwanted foods, Food Aid Foundation collects and distribute­s to charitable/ welfare homes, volunteer welfare organisati­ons, refugee communitie­s, poor families, and soup kitchens.

Dalphine Ong, Chief Executive Officer of Food Aid Foundation said, “We’re excited to collaborat­e with Augustman A-Listers. As a food bank, we rescue surplus food and distribute them to people who are in need. Nowadays, many people are impacted by food inflation, and many communitie­s are still suffering because of the pandemic.Normally, we’d queue our trucks to collect the food from supermarke­ts, and immediatel­y send them to the homes. We’ll reserve some of the food so that we can send them to our kitchen and cook them into nutritious meals. Then, we’d serve them to people who are suffering from hunger.”

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