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Directed Writing – Formal Letter

Sabariah Mansur, 35, Jalan Bayam 3, Taman Hijau, 34000 Taiping, Perak.

The Sales Manager Count Mamot Taiping, Jalan Candan, 34000 Taiping, Perak

Sir / Madam,

12 January 2019

Faulty Product

Referring to the above matter, I would like to complain about a product that I have purchased from your shop. On 10 January 2019, I have bought a SUNNY 50” Plasma television from your outlet. The model number is 1007Y and the price was RM4 999. I paid cash for the unit. When the display unit was tested at the shop, it worked perfectly.

2. A new unit was then delivered to my home on the same day. Your technician set up the unit in my living room. He tested it and it was found to function with no problem at all. It functioned well for two days. On the third day, it started to malfunctio­n.

3. First, I found that the switch on button keep flashing on and off. I tried switching the unit manually and then by remote control. Nothing worked. Second, I found that the recording function was inoperativ­e. I bought this Plasma TV because it has the recording function so I can prerecord the programmes and watch them in my evenings and whenever I am free. I could not watch any of my favourite programmes. In addition, sometimes, during the recording session, the unit auto-switched channels and pre-recorded another programme. It is obvious that the pre-recording feature is malfunctio­ning too.

4. The unit is still under a one-year guarantee. I would like your company to repair the unit immediatel­y till it is in perfect working condition without any charges for labour or spare parts. Failing that, I would like a refund of the cash I paid or a replacemen­t of a new unit of the same model.

5. I hereby attach certified copies of all relevant documents. I really hope that you can attend to this matter promptly. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Sabariahm ansur

Continuous Writing

2 Eating home cooked meal is better than eating outside food. Do you agree?

In this modern and busy world, people always think that preparing food on our own is a waste of time since we can convenient­ly buy food outside. I really agree with the statement saying that it is much better for an individual and a family to be eating a home cooked meal than eating out in restaurant­s, canteens, food courts or hawker food stalls. There are several reasons why I agree to this matter such as eating home cooked meal is cheaper, you can choose to cook your favourite dish and it is healthier and more hygienic. First, it is cheaper to cook and eat at home than eating out. It is more expensive to eat at restaurant­s and other food outlets. When you cook and eat at home, you do the cooking. You can buy the vegetables, meat, fish and other fresh products at the supermarke­t or wet market and you can stock up the dry ingredient­s. You just pay the same cost price as the restaurant or food outlet operators spend without having to add the cost of labour charges and rental to the expenses. An individual or a family spends less when cooking and eating at home. Second, you can cook and eat your favourite dishes. Members of the family can request for favourite dishes from the family cook. If someone in the family likes a particular dish, it can be cooked and shared by everyone. In a restaurant, some dishes can be pretty expensive. Raw fish can cost as much as RM100 a dish. If you were to order a

fish dish, you may have to pay double the price whereas if you cook a fish dish at home, it would cost you the fish price! Then, if you enjoy your mother's cooking, you might miss it at the restaurant or you would never get the same taste of your mother's cooking. Plus sometimes, the food stalls sell pre-cooked food which may be cold and tasteless or even stale when you buy it. Third, it is healthier and more hygienic to cook and eat at home. The fresh ingredient­s are properly washed, cleaned and prepared. The other ingredient­s like the cooking oil is of better quality. The dishes promise a more balanced diet with less sugar, salt and oil. At the outlet, the operators may not have time to carry out the work properly due to the insufficie­nt number of workers and too many orders. In addition, the ingredient­s may not be of the best quality when compared to those used at home. Usually when mothers want to cook for the family, they will choose the best quality product. Besides, the restaurant cook is more concerned with the taste rather than the health aspect of the dishes. At home, the parents are more careful and concerned about serving a healthy and balanced meal. I do agree that it is fun and a treat to eat out at times. I believe that it can be exciting to eat out at restaurant­s and food courts if it is occasional­ly. I prefer cooking and eating at home because it is cheaper and the food is more appetising, healthier and more hygienic. My father is a great chef and I enjoy both my father’s and my mother’s cooking. Nothing beats the dishes prepared and cooked by my parents.

5 “Home Sweet Home”. Describe the place that you call home.

Would I move out from my ten-year-old house to live in a new house? What if this new place was in an exclusive housing township with all the features of a gated security system, condominiu­m-style living, utility outlets within walking distance and the latest facilities? No, I still prefer to stay in my semi-detached double storey house with its four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a family room, a dining room, a living room, a kitchen plus a utility-cum-store, a spacious porch for two cars, a sprawling garden and a backyard with a garden shed. There are five of us. There are Mum and Dad, my two elder brothers, my younger sister and I. Mum and Dad stay in the master bedroom with its attached bathroom while the kids share rooms and the inter-connecting bathrooms. The fourth bedroom serves as a guest room which means we do not have to vacate our rooms for the guests. I share the room with my sister. Though we have our share of fights and disagreeme­nts, we actually get along just fine as we have designated our comfort zones. Both of us are in fact quite untidy so we have learnt to tolerate each other's mess. If we were to move elsewhere, we would not have such a spacious bedroom for all the furniture, and that includes our study desks. The family room centres in the building and is our common room for all family activities, leaving the living room to guests and visitors. The closeness of the dining room to the kitchen helps in reducing walking time to and fro the kitchen before, during and after meals. I like the interior of the house because I can still make my way to the kitchen and get myself a drink or some snacks even during a blackout. I can move quite confidentl­y to any place within the house to get at the things I want. That is the beauty of only ever living in one home, to know every inch of it like the back of your hand. Mum has a proven method of keeping her cutlery, crockery, pots and pans so that even the novice in the kitchen could find any item in the kitchen, shelves, drawers or cupboards in a jiffy. Just a word from Mum and you can find it. Of course, I did have my mother quietly telling me off should I not return any item taken from her kitchen to its original place and position. In the beginning, we, the children could not understand her fastidious­ness but now, we condone her ways because it makes our life so easy and trouble-free. Then out in the garden, Mum's domain is her plots of herbs, seedlings, flowers and ferns. Woe betides us should we weed out her precious herbs. What are we to know that those plants growing wild are her precious herb plants and shrubs! To prevent such catastroph­e, I remember Mum allowed each of us to have our own garden plot to mess around with. She left us to potter around in our garden to our hearts' content when we were young. The only one who still enjoys pottering in the abandoned garden plot is Bobo, the family cat! We are now busy with our own activities. I would not move out from this rather shabby looking home which has aged gracefully with us. This is going to be my home until I leave for college. I have my favourite spot at the dining table and my favourite chair too. There is my cosy easy chair in the family room. I love that my bed is next to the window where I could look into the green garden and day-dream among the star at night. This is going to be the place I call my “Home Sweet Home”.

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