The Art of Cleans­ing

Trust Chanel to el­e­vate the most ba­sic of rit­u­als

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“Wash your face !” maybe one of the ear­li­est beauty com­mand­ments passed down to us by our moth­ers. And in 2018, it looks like cleans­ing—once ab anal part of skin­care—has had quite the jour­ney. Con­sider your­self lucky that we’ re liv­ing in the golden age of cleans­ing where our op­tions range f rom mi­celle - pow­ered wa­ters to techy elec­tri­cal tools, a far cry from when our an­ces­tors kept their mugs clean us­ing a piece of bone or stone to scrape the skin.

Here to dis­rupt the scene is Chanel with its Cleans­ing Col­lec­tion. They’ re high-tech, but not in the way you’d ex­pect. While we’ve yet to see a dou­ble-C vi­brat­ing face brush( fin­gers crossed !), the Cleans­ing Col­lec­tion boasts trans for­mat ive tex­tures set to please ev­ery skin type and en­sure you goto be dun es­corted by the day’ s im­pu­ri­ties. Clean skin makes for a per­fect can­vas, and if you’ve al­ways rushed through the process, th­ese cleansers will turn the first step of your skin­care rou­tine into as en so rial ex­pe­ri­ence. With th­ese fun images shot by# TeamCLEO, em bark on dis­cov­er­ing the new tech­nol­ogy that trans forms the tex­tures as you use them, and how they can de­liver the best for your skin. Breathe in that clas­sic Chanel scent, and take time to find out how to cod­dle your com­plex­ion.

Us­ing in­no­va­tive tex­tures, Chanel all at once el­e­vates and sim­pli­fies cleans­ing rit­u­als, and we’ve never been hap­pier to take the day off.


Reg­u­lar use of acids an­dre ti no ls, al­though in­cred­i­ble for skin, can also weaken skin’s nat­u­ral bar­rier when we go over­board. Un­der­stand­ing t his , Chanel’ s cleansers have been care­fully for­mu­lated to strengthen the bar­rier and main­tain the skin’s nat­u­ral pH lev­els us­ing key in­gre­di­ents blue mi­cro - al­gae to com­bat stresses caused by pol­lu­tion and ma­rine sal­icor­nia to hy­drate and strengthen skin struc­ture.

Dr y skin? Give Chanel Le Lait Douceur D’Huile a go — bril­liant as a make-up remover but its milk-to-oil tex­ture pro­vides a glaze of com­fort on tight, de­hy­drated com­plex­ions. Cleans­ing oils area must for any­one well ac­quainted with stub­born mas­cara. Chanel L’ Huile takes it a step fur­ther with its su­per silky, light­weight tex­ture that ef­fort­lessly glides onto the skin to com­pletely re­move make-up, sun­screen and ev­ery­thing in be­tween. Just gen­tly mas­sage, pay at­ten­tion to eyes and lips and rinse with wa­ter.


For the per­fect cleanser for oily or com­bi­na­tion skin, try Chanel La Mousse. Foam­ing cleansers gen­er­ally tend to strip skin of mois­ture, but La Mousse goes on de­li­cious ly creamy. Upon wa­ter con­tact, it pro­duces del­i­cate foam to thor­oughly pu­rify oily com­plex­ions with­out leav­ing it feel­ing un­com­fort­able. And no French skin­care is truly com­plete with­out cleans­ing wa­ters. Chanel step situ pa notch with Le La it Fraîcheur D’Eau which goes from milk to wa­ter to give fa­tigued, dull skin a much-needed re­fresh. Sim­ply mas­sage the milk onto dry skin un­til it turns to wa­ter, and re­move with a cot­ton pad.

Go­ing from milk to wa­ter, Chanel Le Lait Fraîcheur D’Eau is made to re­fresh Chanel Le Lait Douceur D’Huile has a milk- to- oil tex­ture that glazes skin with com­fort

Chanel L’Huile means a light, fresh way to dou­ble cleanse

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