Glow this party sea­son, with a con­science. Here’s how you can kill it on the dance­floor with­out harm­ing Mother Na­ture.

CLEO (Malaysia) - - BEAUTY Q&A -

1. I s i t tr ue that glit ters i mpact marine l i fe? Be­cause most glit ters are made of mi­croplas­tics , t here’s a r i sk t hey ’ l l harm our f i shy f r i ends when we wash t hem down t he drains . Stay safe by opt­ing f or biodegrad­able glit ters f rom brands l i ke BioGlit z — t hey makes t heirs f rom com­postable plants . 2. Best l i ppie for an all - nighter, please? For stel­lar qualit y t hat ’ s cru­elt y- f ree, l ook to Hour­glass. I t s Con­fes­sion re­fill able l i pstick i s com­fort­ably l ong- wear­ing and i s so sleek . Plus , a l i t t l e piece of l uxur y never hur t s! 3. Are wet wipes re­cy­clable? I ’m guilt y of reach­ing for them post- night outs! They ’re con­ve­nient AF but wet wipes can’t be re­cy­cled! I f you must, reach f or one made of biodegrad­able ma­te­ri­als l i ke The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Wipes, which are also f ab f or oily skin. 4. How do I get my l i mbs l ookin’ mighty f i ne with­out a week- l ong va­cay? Root Reme­dies Bronze Lus­tre = i sland glow i n a bot­tle. Plus , shop­ping l ocal i s known to have si gnif­i­cantly l ess en­vi­ron­men­tal i mpact. # Sup­port­Lokal!

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