Gut In­stinct

I s pro­bi­otic skin­care the an­swer to all our skin trou­bles? #TeamCLEO finds out from the ex­pert.

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Think ” you are what you eat ”

i me to stock your top shelf with bac­te­ria! Sorr y i f t hat doesn’t sound as ap­peal­ing as 24K gold, but good bac­te­ria a. k . a pro­bi­otics are huge i n skin­care RN. Reg­u­larly con­sum­ing pro­bi­otics f rom sup­ple­ments or f er­mented f oods will sor t out gutre­lated i ssues but new ev­i­dence sup­ports t he use of pro and pre­bi­otics to t reat and pre­vent atopic der­mati­tis and acne, says Dr. I rene Lee, Con­sul­tant Der­ma­tol­o­gist at Pan­tai Hos­pi­tal .


Yes! At l east , t he f r i endly ones. “Pro­bi­otics are l i ve micro­organ­isms t hat , when ad­min­is­tered i n ad­e­quate amounts, con­fer a health ben­e­fit to t he host , ” ex­plained Dr. I rene. “Pre­bi­otics are non- di­gestible oligosac­cha­rides , which se­lec­tively stim­u­late t he growth of pro­bi­otics , t hus pro­duc­ing a pro­bi­otic ef f ect.” I ngest­ing pro­bi­otics can do won­ders f or your gut , which i n t urn af f ects t he com­plex­ion. “Pro­bi­otics are be­lieved to cor­rect or i mprove gut mi­croflo­ral i mbal­ance t hus restor­ing nor­mal gut per­me­abilit y, i mprov­ing t he i mmune sys­tem, and re­duc­ing gut i nflam­ma­tion,” said Dr. I rene. Those with acne might see an i mprove­ment too. “Pro­bi­otics act by cor­rect­ing i ntesti­nal mi­croflora i mbal­ance, hence de­creas­ing t he body i nflam­ma­tion t hat plays a par t i n acne f or­ma­tion. I t ’ s also been shown to reg­u­late t he hor­monal sen­si­tivit y i nvolved i n t he role of high gly­caemic f ood i n acne.”


“Like oral pro­bi­otics and pre­bi­otics , t here i s ev­i­dence to show t hat top­i­cal pro­bi­otics and pre­bi­otics may i mprove t he skin , ” said Dr. I rene al­though she stresses t hat such ev­i­dence are not yet con­crete. “Cer­tain pro­bi­otics can re­duce skin i nflam­ma­tion, while some t her­mal spa wa­ter has been f ound to con­tain pro­bi­otic com­po­nents,” she con­tin­ued. Be­cause reach­ing f or harsh cleansers and t reat­ments can up­set your skin’s mi­cro­biome, opt­ing f or pro­bi­otic and pre­bi­otic - i nfused prod­ucts might be what you need to soothe your skin and re­store t hat healthy glow.

Ingest­ing pro­bi­otics can do won­ders for your gut, which in turn af­fects the com­plex­ion.

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