Bor­rowed From The Girls

Main­stream brands are bring­ing the boys to the yard. But Medina Azaldin won­ders whether make- up should even be gen­dered.

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It’ s 2018 so we ask the hard ques­tion: Is make-up re­ally not gen­der- neu­tral yet?

Ev­ery f i ve years, I bring out all of my mat­ti­fy­ing primers and golden high­lighters, reach f or t he most f ull cov­er­age of bases and ac­tu­ally t ake t he t i me to con­tour ( which I al­most never do). You’d t hink nights out and my wed­ding would be cause f or glow­ing up. But no, I save t he f ull rou­tine and then some f or — get t his — t he i mmi­gra­tion of­fice.

While I can proudly say I ’ m t hrilled with my re­cent I . D pics, I can’t help but to f eel a l i t t l e sorry f or t he men get­ting t heir pho­to­graphs t aken. I am blessed to have all t he con­ceal­ers at my dis­posal while guys wear t heir spots and scars l i ke t he scar­let l et­ter. Be­fore you @ me, please know t hat I ’ m all f or skin/ body/ sex pos­i­tiv­ity and you ab­so­lutely do not have to wear make- up at all. Ever. Make- up i s a choice, a choice t hat I f eel f or­tu­nate to have, and one t hat ev­ery­one should have. But years of i nter­nalised gen­der ex­pec­ta­tions have t aught young boys t hat cer­tain t hings, l i ke makeup, are t r adi­tion­ally f em­i­nine.

Why i s t his so, t hough? Men i n An­cient Egypt l i ned t heir eyes with kohl while 18th Cen­tury French males were no stranger to f ancy wigs and pow­der. A huge num­ber of make- up artists and hair­styl­ists are men, plus, plenty of men sit on t he boards of beauty com­pa­nies. Are we say­ing i t ’ s only okay f or boys to be i nto make- up when t hey’re telli ng women what to buy and how to wear l i pstick? Thank­fully, t hings are slowly chang­ing so t he beauty uni­verse i s open f or to em­brace.

Cases i n point: Covergirl ap­pointed beauty i nflu­encer James Charles as i t s f i r st male am­bas­sador i n 2016 and Jonathan Van Ness ( a. k. a 1/ 5 of t he new, well- l oved Queer Eye squad) have been ed­u­cat­ing straight men on how to use beauty prod­ucts. Chanel also an­nounced a make- up col­lec­tion t ar­geted to t he sirs i n our l i ves. Named Boy De Chanel, t he press re­lease read: “Beauty i s not a mat­ter of gen­der, i t i s a mat­ter of style.” This toyed with t he crux of t he re­lease, which clearly stated: “Chanel l aunches i t s f i r st make- up l i ne f or men”.

Per­son­ally, I don’t see why a beauty col­lec­tion needs to be gen­dered any­more. A l i p balm, i s a l i p balm, whether i t comes i n a pl ain bl ack t ube or a bright pink one. I t ’ s t i me to recog­nise beauty as a safe space t hat’s open to all, no mat­ter your gen­der.

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