Hyper- Real

I s this real life, or i s it j ust make- up? Find out how the tal­ented Mimi Choi and Ai­man Shahi­ran blur the lines be­tween fan­tasy and re­alit y.

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Make- up goes to new heights with th­ese MUAs

Got sta­ble WiFi and a f ew beauty bits? Con­grat­u­la­tions , you too can be a par t of t he beauty ‘ i nflu­encer ’ com­mu­nity. While we can t hank so­cial me­dia f or democratis­ing beauty and f uelling much- needed con­ver­sa­tions sur­round­ing i mpor­tant top­ics l i ke di­ver­sit y, we have also reached peak sat­u­ra­tion point of sim­i­lar hauls and warm- toned eyes. I t t akes ex­traor­di­nar y skills and gen­uine cre­ativit y to stand out ; t wo t raits Mimi Choi (@ mim­les), a Van­cou­ver- based make- up ar t i st and Ai­man Shahi­ran (@ f l ack­its­man), a home­grown beauty i nflu­encer have i n spades.

Mimi’s abilit y to cre­ate 3D l ooks t hat t r i ck t he eyes i s all at once shock­ing and breath­tak­ing. From hands made to l ook l i ke edi­ble sushi to a f ace t hat ap­pears to be re­moved by l ace, some of her l ooks ap­pear as t hough t hey ’re straight out of a dream. And t hey are. Kind of. “I have sleep paral­y­sis which f uels my cre­ativit y. I t ’ s a con­di­tion where my body i s asleep but my mind i s con­scious. When I go t hrough an episode, I ex­pe­ri­ence vivid hal­lu­ci­na­tions which can of ten be f r i ght­en­ing,” she ex­plained. “How­ever, I choose to use t hese vi­sions as i nspi­ra­tion and t hey have l ed to some of my more mor­bid creations l i ke my sli cedf ace and melt­ing- f ace l ooks. I ’m grate­ful t hat I can use t his to f uel my cre­ativit y.”

For 19 year old Youtu­ber Ai­man Shahi­ran, an i nter­est i n make- up stemmed f rom a l ove of ar t and a cu­riosit y f or spe­cial ef f ects make- up. His work , with all i t s blood and gore, may make you squirm. That ’ s how you know i t ’s good. He cites his ‘ King of Marine Mon­sters’ l ook as one of his proud­est mo­ments — t he mer­maid- i nspired l ook rep­re­sented Malaysia f or t he NYX Face Awards l ast year.

For t unately, he prefers to keep t he drama to his make- up.“I miss t he t i mes t he beauty com­mu­nity was all about do­ing make- up f or t he l ove of i t and t here was no drama. Just sup­port your l ocal ar t i st! ” he mused. As f or Mimi, she hopes her l egion of f ol­low­ers ap­pre­ci­ate her i ndi­vid­u­alit y and strive to f i nd t heir own. “I t ’ s great tech­ni­cal prac­tice to recre­ate a l ook but i t ’ s so much more re­ward­ing to t r y some­thing new and to cre­ate your own t rend! ” Amen to t hat.

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