So You Want My Job?

Amy Zheng turned to amaz­ing when her team cre­ated one of the countr y ’s health­i­est snack food l abels.

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Meet Amy Zheng and her Amazin’ gra­nolas

”You be­come a men­tor, and coach, who has over­view of the play­ing field, di­rect­ing your team where to go.”

What i mpact has Amazin’ Graze made on the l ocal snack­ing scene?

For ur­ban work­ing pro­fes­sion­als i n KL t hat are health con­scious , I f eel t hat we are be­com­ing more and more well- known i n t hat cir­cle. How­ever, we are stil l f ar f rom reach­ing peo­ple out­side t hat group, and out­side of t he Klang Val­ley. As we grew, we also be­came mo­ti­vated to cre­ate an i nter­na­tional brand t hat Malaysians , and Asians , can be proud of. We want to change t he per­cep­tion t hat Malaysian and Asian prod­ucts are l ow qualit y or copies of t he real deal and show t he whole world to see t hat Malaysian prod­ucts can be i nno­va­tive and high qualit y.

What i nspired Amazin’ Graze?

Amazin’ Graze has i nte­grated t he best of Mel­bourne and Kuala Lumpur — we were i nspired by t he plethora of healthy f ood choices i n Mel­bourne and f elt t hat con­sumers i n Malaysia/Asia were miss­ing out. We are also ver y Asian i n t he sense we t r y to use Asian f l avours and i ngre­di­ents l i ke pan­dan, co­conut, gula me­laka where pos­si­ble. Over­all , I t hink t hat t he con­flu­ence of both cul­tures has re­sulted i n t he cre­ativit y t hat you see to­day. What have you l earned about be­ing the founder of your own com­pany? A l ot of peo­ple can be f ounders — j ust star t a busi­ness! The big­gest chal­lenge i s when you star t hir­ing and build­ing a team. You have to star t del­e­gat­ing. You be­come a men­tor, and coach, who has over view of t he play­ing f i eld , di­rect­ing your team where to go and what strat­egy to play. Any ad­vice on be­ing an en­tre­pre­neur? Some­times, i t ’ s more i mpor­tant to f i nd t he r i ght par t ner t han hav­ing t he per f ect prod­uct. As­sum­ing t he prod­uct has po­ten­tial , I would rec­om­mend t hat you f i nd some­one who can sol­dier t hrough t his j our­ney with you.

Amaz­ing things by Amy Zheng

Not just gra­nolas, dive into some nutty snacks too!

Amy with co- founders Sab­rina How and Ching Yi Lee

Choose a gra­nola va­ri­ety box (RM27.90) for brekkie, or pick up a nut mix (RM12.90 each) for a party!

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