”In three words? I’m very smi­ley. I’m shy, and lastly ... I’m very con­tent with ev­ery­thing.”

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has to name one, he cites Mac De Marco .“I do get influenced by Mac DeMarco. Not so much his mu­sic di­rec­tion but I guess the way he goes about it and his life­style .” An­other source of in­spi­ra­tion? His sur­round­ing sand lately, es­pe­cially his trav­els.

When asked about his f avourite song off his record, Phum hes­i­tated. It’ s like pick­ing a f avourite child! But af­ter plenty of con­sid­er­a­tion, he chose a song off t he Ja­panese edi­tion of his al­bum Man­child called ‘ Fresh off t he Boat’.

“It was in­spired by my field trip with my friends to the States where we lived in Orange County and LA for like three weeks. I made t his song on my com­puter — I didn’t have my mi­cro­phone or gui­tar with me so I made it all dig­i­tally, which is dif­fer­ent t han what I usu­ally do, but I ended up hav­ing a good time. So I guess it was just be­ing in the mo­ment an­dre ali sing that you’ re not in some sort of glass cage that you can’t break out off .”


Many iden­tify Phum as a new face in the Ne o-Soul genre, but we couldn’t help but won­der if he ever thought of dab­bling in a dif­fer­ent genre.

“Mmm, dab­ble. I like that word. I def­i­nitely want to try world mu­sic—I feel like it’ s very univer­sal; even though world mu­sic comes from dif­fer­ent cul­tures, it’ s some­thing that I feel peo­ple around the world would ap­pre­ci­ate. It’ d be cool to make a song where you mix all the in­flu­ence soft he places you’ve been to. I’ d like to try that out .”

A re­cent film school grad­u­ate, Phum also has a hand in the film mak­ing process. He ac­tu­ally di­rected the mu­sic video for his song‘ Long Gone ’, which now has over 8 mil­lion views on YouTube. He does hope to pro­duce more mu­sic videos—if no this own, then those of his artist e friends. His aes­thetic? Bright, chill and su­per ‘90 s—but in just the right pro­por­tions.

Phum was quick to say “yes” when asked if he would ever di­rect a short film .“I’ m still in touch with my friends in col­lege who are work­ing in films, so def­i­nitely! I spent f our years get­ting a de­gree for it, so it’ s not go­ing to go away for sure. I’ m re­ally into mak­ing short films and when­ever I find the time, I will try to write up a script and di­rect it in the fu­ture !”

Phum ad­mits t hat he hasn’t re­ally fig­ured out how to de­scribe his mu­sic style but he sure hope it gives the lis­tener chill vibes.

“Aw man, t hat’s hard. I can’t re­ally de­scribe it. My mu­sic style is very lazy. Okay, maybe not lazy, but very chill. Like I hope it re­lax es peo­ple[ when they lis­ten to it ].”

So who is Phum? Not the record­ing artist, but t he Thai boy who grew up in New Zealand.

“Oh man, who am I? In three words? I’ m very smi­ley. I’ m a lot more shy than peo­ple think I am, and last ly, I would say that I’ m very con­tent with ev­ery­thing. So yes, smi­ley, shy and con­tent.”

Aside from play­ing a lot of Euro­pean EDM to mess with his Ger­man tour guide and bus driver, Phum is usu­ally out th rift­ing or in his room play­ing video games dur­ing his down­time. “Gen­er­ally just be­ing re­ally lazy and not leav­ing my bed­room the whole day is one of my favourite[ kinds of] down­time.”


When it comes to the fu­ture, Phum couldn’t help but laugh while cal­cu­lat­ing how old he’d be then, ad­mit­ting that he hasn’t thought that far .“I’ m just go­ing day by day, re­ally. I hope to still be pas­sion­ate, with what­ever I’ m do­ing at that time, and I’ m sure I’ ll still be mak­ing mu­sic and writ­ing songs. I hope I still get to travel, get to make mu­sic with my friends and do my own work. I hope to make a short film like I planned, and I hope to be with my fam­ily in my home .”

Since it has been awhile since‘ Lover Boy ’, many are wondering when we’ll get new mu­sic f rom Phum. One thing’ s for sure, it is com­ing.

“I’ m re­ally tak­ing my time to make sure I’ m happy with each one, be­fore I play it for peo­ple. But yeah I’ m hop­ing peo­ple would want some more and hope­fully I can put it out soon !”

With a me­te­oric rise to the charts and You tube views, we know we’re not t he only ones wait­ing.

Phum and dancer, Te­chita Tang­wiri­yaro­jkul on set for the ‘ Long Gone’ MV

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