Along with some pre­scrip­tion glasses, the Flight Jacket is re­ally a breath­taker

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hen it comes to sports eye­wear, not many can beat the suave­ness, ro­bust­ness and price point that Oak­ley bring to the mar­ket. It’s al­most come to the point where if you want to be part of the sports ‘cool kids’ club, you need a pair of Oak­leys to be in that cir­cle. Since their in­cep­tion in 1975, when the com­pany started fab­ri­cat­ing prod­ucts out of a shed in Cal­i­for­nia, they have been noth­ing short of sen­sa­tional whether it was to ei­ther pro­duce knee pads, gloves, gog­gles or sun­glasses to all sorts of ath­letes in their re­spec­tive fields.

WA cou­ple of years ago, Oak­ley de­signed and pro­duced a pair of sun­nies fo­cused around cy­clists called the Jaw­breaker. With a mas­cu­line yet sleek de­sign dom­i­nat­ing the look of the glasses, they re­ally did shake up the mar­ket seg­ment. There were even air chan­nels in be­tween the lens and the frame to help keep a rider’s face cool and the lens from fog­ging up. Just when you thought that Oak­ley have come up with the ab­so­lute best and can only pretty much tweak and evolve their Jaw­breaker de­sign, they sur­prise us with a com­pletely new de­sign called the Flight Jacket.

Ac­cord­ing to Oak­ley, the idea of the Flight Jacket came from their Evzero sun­glasses which had an unim­peded view due to its frame­less de­sign. As great as the Evzero was, it was not meant for per­for­mance cy­clists but rather de­signed for ca­sual cy­clists in­stead. This is sim­ply be­cause the Evzero is re­ally flex­i­ble, mak­ing it un­suit­able for per­for­mance cy­clists. Without im­ped­ing the top view, Oak­ley de­cided to put the brow line at the bot­tom to give it bet­ter strength and re­ten­tion, so out came the Flight Jacket.

The Flight Jacket is also equipped with Oak­ley’s tallest ever lens. The idea be­hind this is to have the lens as close

as pos­si­ble to the hel­met. When cy­cling, most of the time your head will be po­si­tioned at a lower an­gle with your eyes look­ing slightly up. With the tall lens, it pretty much cov­ers the whole up­per view with lens pro­tec­tion, pre­vent­ing the sun from di­rectly shin­ing into your eyes.

The Flight Jacket also comes with ex­tra bits of tem­ple ad­just­ment pieces to suit dif­fer­ent head shapes. For those who find it more com­fort­able with shorter tem­ples, all you have to do is break­away the cur­rent tem­ples and in­stall the cor­rect length tem­ples that the glasses come with. These shorter tem­ples do not crash into hel­mets that can some­times get in the way of long tem­ples. This is one of the big­gest com­plaints Oak­ley re­ceived dur­ing their mar­ket re­search, and came out with the shorter de­sign to al­le­vi­ate the prob­lem.

Oak­ley also in­cor­po­rated a tab in the mid­dle of the glasses in what they called the Ad­vancer. This fea­ture makes the glasses move for­ward a lit­tle bit, to pull in air in be­tween your face and the glasses. What a way to solve lens fog­ging prob­lems, in­stead of crude air­ways like the Jaw­break­ers.

Also part of the sports range, Oak­ley has in­tro­duced a cou­ple of pre­scrip­tion glasses called the Latch Key RX and

EX. One of the rea­sons they are named such is be­cause they have this smart mech­a­nism called the ‘kick-up latch hinge’ which al­lows you to clip the glasses onto your shirt. This is par­tic­u­larly use­ful as it won’t ever fly away or fall off when you have latched the glasses to your top. These glasses also come with rub­ber nose pieces to help bring fine ad­just­ments to the fit.

1 The rub­berised nose piece gives a bet­ter grip and can be changed eas­ily without any tools if needed. 2 Al­though the Flight Jacket is light­weight, it is built for the harsh­est of pun­ish­ment. 3 The Evzero is feather light and pro­vides un­ob­structed view. 4 Just like the Flight Jacket the Evzero also has in­ter­change­able nose pieces. 5 To com­mem­o­rate the 2018 Tour de France, Oak­ley have pro­duced iconic Tour de France yel­low colour­ways for the frames. 6 The Latch is one hand­some look­ing pair of pre­scrip­tion glasses. 7 The Latch gets its name from the clip at the side of the glasses where you can latch it on to a piece of cloth­ing for worry-free place­ment on clothes. 8 If you’re not fond of the round shape, the Latch also comes in a rec­tan­gu­lar shape.

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