First of a five-part se­ries on the types of prob­lems bike me­chan­ics have to face

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e at Cy­cling Plus Malaysia have al­ways won­dered what the life of Malaysian bi­cy­cle me­chanic is like. What we mean by this is not what they have for lunch ev­ery day or how much over­time pay they get, but rather what kind of every­day

Wprob­lems they have to solve when it comes to their cus­tomers’ bikes.

Thanks to adored me­chanic Syaz­man Ir­man Mohd Arif­fin from Spe­cial­ized Con­cept Store Pe­tal­ing Jaya, we now have a bet­ter in­sight into these com­mon prob­lems and how they are fixed.

Syaz­man or Syaz as he is most com­monly known at the PJ store, has been around bikes since 2009 when he picked it up as a hobby. He started hang­ing around Ta­man Tun Dr Is­mail’s KSH, where he would qui­etly watch and learn from out­side of the me­chan­ics pit. How­ever, this was never go­ing to be enough for Syaz, be­cause in 2016 he at­tended and grad­u­ated from the fa­mous United Bi­cy­cle In­sti­tute in Amer­ica, and has never looked back since.

These days, he is the go to per­son at Spe­cial­ized PJ and gave us a hint of what he has to face every­day. “There are all sort of prob­lems ob­vi­ously but the five most com­mon ones are gear­ing, loose wheelset, BB creak, head­set prob­lems and elec­tronic shift­ing issues,” said Syaz.


Most of the time when peo­ple have gear­ing prob­lems, it usu­ally just re­quires tun­ing. But if a tune-up of the de­railleurs is not the so­lu­tion, the next thing to look at is rusted ca­bles.

“It’s ac­tu­ally some­thing that you can do at home and learn to do from the in­ter­net. Some peo­ple say it is hard to get, even af­ter mim­ick­ing what the me­chanic on Youtube is do­ing. Well ac­tu­ally most of them have got it right; it’s just that they do not be­lieve they have done it. Due to sweat and rain, the ca­bles can get rusted over time. So if your bike has some mileage and the ad­justers on the de­railleurs are not work­ing, then it could be your ca­bles. You can ac­tu­ally pre­vent this by us­ing cal­cium grease, which can help pro­tect from wa­ter go­ing into the holes. For new bikes, we ad­vise peo­ple to come back af­ter six weeks to read­just the cable ten­sion as new ca­bles do stretch with time,” he said.

But that’s just gear­ing. The other prob­lems also seem quite straight­for­ward, but some­times there can be more to it than meets the eye. For the next se­ries we will be talk­ing to Syaz about the prob­lem of a loose wheelset and pos­si­ble solutions.

As much as Syaz­man is a cer­ti­fied bike me­chanic, he also has ex­pe­ri­ence in deal­ing with bikes from life lessons

Did you know that you’re sup­posed to re­turn for a tune-up af­ter six weeks of rid­ing your new bike?

Cal­cium grease helps pre­vent cable rust

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