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(2013) Di­rected by Steve Win­ter, Mur­ray Wais, David Zi­eff, Scott Gaffney and Rob Bruce

The sub genre of ski and snow­board films is no­table mainly for wild land­scapes and out­landish stunts. This film, al­though shar­ing a lit­tle of that DNA, is an out­lier, be­cause it has gen­uine emo­tional pull and ranges be­yond ex­treme sport into some­thing far deeper about hu­man en­deav­our and the search for hap­pi­ness, wher­ever you look for it. Shane Mc­conkey was a skier who grad­u­ated into base-jump­ing, and pi­o­neered a com­bi­na­tion of the two, ski­ing off moun­tains and de­ploy­ing his para­chute at the last sec­ond. He was also a hus­band and a fa­ther; rec­on­cil­ing fam­ily and work is just one con­flict in his unique life. Home video of his younger years draws you im­me­di­ately close to the sub­ject. Mc­conkey is highly like­able, not the high-fiv­ing brah you might have sus­pected him to be. Thus, the film’s last act is far more poignant than you’d bar­gained for.

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