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IT IS AN un­der­state­ment to say that Rolex is a house­hold name in the world of watches (aliens have prob­a­bly heard of it). It has be­come a com­mod­ity in its own right. Trav­ellers stranded pen­ni­less in the desert can still trade their Rolex watch as an in­ter­na­tional cur­rency. Many to­day have ac­knowl­edged it as the Breguet of the 20th cen­tury.


Rolex is a con­ser­va­tive brand, and they truly prac­tise the mantra, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Over the past few decades, their move­ments have not been re­placed or rad­i­cally al­tered, only mi­nor tweak­ing and slight ad­just­ment just to make them more per­fect than they al­ready are.

Since the ’80s, Rolex watches have been con­sis­tently the best-sell­ing lux­ury time­pieces on the planet. It is a watch that ev­ery­one as­pires to own. It is viewed as a sta­tus sym­bol, a sign that you have ar­rived at a cer­tain re­spectable so­cial level or even a per­sonal yard­stick by which to mea­sure your­self. Rolex have in­tro­duced new di­als and in­dexes ev­ery year to be added to their rather large col­lec­tion, which has grown

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