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Setting your child on STEM’s straight path might be providing him or her with a one-dimensiona­l education.



The brutal nature of competing in STEM academic streams can cause long-lasting damage to a child’s self-confidence and willpower. Slow learners and students with different preferred modes of learning can be set up to be swept away by the unforgivin­g bell curve. On the flipside, a modern holistic education includes teaching a child resilience – education experts vouch that being able to pick oneself up after being knocked down is a common trait among highly successful people.

Introducin­g our young to a diverse array of subjects, wisdoms and outof-classroom learning experience­s is our best bet in terms of grooming problem solvers and decision makers who can achieve success in whichever path in life they pursue.

For years, STEM has been a pool for young people who have yet to decide on what they would like to do in life – a pool that promised a plethora of opportunit­ies.The steadily rising trend of young profession­als finding jobs in industries unrelated to their field of study is proving that this pooling is unwarrante­d. Parents, does your child feel happy and fulfilled in his or her area of study?

Initiating young people into arts and

humanities subjects helps raise their EQ,

hones their soft skills and raises their


Arming one’s children with a variety of perspectiv­es is the best way to equip them for the unpredicta­bility of life and the reality that few problems only have one answer, which is why schools have been gradually distributi­ng academic weightage across a wider variety of subjects. On an internatio­nal scale, investing in a spectrum of expertise sets the foundation for a socially and economical­ly sustainabl­e future.

Be more valuable than AI

Creativity, persuasion and collaborat­ion were employers’ most desired soft skills, LinkedIn concluded in a 2019 study. Plus, 46% of UK employers

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