Essential Education



From key stage one to five, PSHE is an integral part of the syllabus in internatio­nal

schools offering the UK-based curriculum.



handling the emotional aspects of transition­ing from primary school to secondary school and managing online relationsh­ips.

Primary Years

During the primary years, the PSHE curriculum revolves around learning about:

Health and wellbeing

- A healthy lifestyle (physical, emotional and mental) and how to maintain this throughout life Keeping physically and emotionall­y safe

Managing puberty and transition Making informed decisions about health and where to get help if needed

Responding to an emergency Online safety, personal hygiene, difference­s between boys and girls, and how to talk about feelings


- How to manage emotions and maintain relationsh­ips within the many social and cultural situations students in internatio­nal schools will encounter

Managing emotions, how to respond to negative relationsh­ips (bullying and abusive) and ask for help

How to respect equality and

PSHE classes have positive effects on both academic and non-academic aspects of a student’s life”

Benefits of PSHE education

Now more than ever, PSHE education plays a vital role in developing the necessary understand­ing needed for students to become successful, caring adults. Known as the curriculum that prepares children and teens for life, it helps with so many life-changing decisions and makes them aware of what is the right thing to do.

Parents want schools to prepare their children academical­ly so that they can further their studies, get good jobs and become successful. But they are also aware that scholastic performanc­e is influenced by so much more than just studying. Getting top grades without learning about the practicali­ties of life and how to manage relationsh­ips could lead to difficulti­es when entering the ‘real world’.

Some parents are unable or reluctant to discuss subjects like safe sex, STDs, drugs, partying and personal safety – this is where PSHE comes in. By taking some of the onus off the parents, these life lessons taught at school ensure that students are prepared to deal with problems, manage their lifestyles, be good citizens, communicat­e better and make informed decisions.

Safe sex, party drugs, consent, online safety are necessary topics to be discussed appropriat­ely”

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