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EVER WON­DERED why one pool might look dra­mat­i­cally more invit­ing than another? A num­ber of fac­tors in­flu­ence a pool’s vis­ual im­pact, in­clud­ing pool shape and lo­ca­tion; most of the time, how­ever, it’s the colour of its in­te­rior that af­fects the end re­sult the most.

Choos­ing the right pool in­te­rior colour can al­ter a per­son’s mood on sight and make a pool look ir­re­sistible, so pick­ing the right shade is just as im­por­tant as de­cid­ing on the style, shape and depth of the pool. Don’t feel re­stricted to one colour ei­ther; trick­ing the eye with mul­ti­ple colours to make the pool look larger is a pop­u­lar tac­tic.

While colours that con­trast with the house, land­scape or paving can make the pool stand out, take into ac­count how the pool water and the sur­round­ing en­vi­ron­ment will af­fect the colour and vice versa. Dark colours will ab­sorb heat from the sun, so the water may be warmer as a re­sult. The time of the day, as well as nat­u­ral or LED light­ing, will all af­fect how a pool looks.

The gen­eral rule is that if you want a clear blue pool, choose a white or light blue hue for your in­te­rior. For a green pool, pick jade or dark green; for a ‘deep sea’ feel, go with dark blue. Colours are also at their most vi­brant un­der the mid­day sun. Depth is im­por­tant too – the deeper the pool, the darker the colour will be.

You wouldn’t leave any­thing to chance when build­ing your house, so do the same for your pool. Take every­thing into con­sid­er­a­tion and choose a colour that you’re happy to look at ev­ery day.

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