On hav­ing trou­ble wak­ing up:

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“It’s ei­ther be­cause the qual­ity of sleep you’re get­ting is bad or you’re wak­ing up at the wrong time. Sleep runs in roughly 90-minute cy­cles, so if you get up af­ter eight hours, that’s not part of a 90 minute cy­cle. Some­times, sleep­ing less is bet­ter. How­ever, sleep­ing more than nine hours ev­ery night can mean two things: de­pres­sion or nar­colepsy. In gen­eral, a hu­man body is not meant to sleep for more than five 90 minute cy­cles. Peo­ple love to sleep but usu­ally, there’s a rea­son and the main ques­tion re­mains, are they try­ing to es­cape re­al­ity? Peo­ple need to fig­ure out how many hours of sleep they need and get it on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. If not, along the road, they are go­ing to pay for it. There are stud­ies and data out there that show that if you’re sleep de­prived, can­cer cells can mul­ti­ply faster.”

So­lu­tion: Pick a wake-up time, then count back seven and a half hours and let it be­come your bed­time.

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