Skin­care with pro­bi­otics, overnight saviours, ac­neic skin so­lu­tions and the Beauty Ed­i­tor’s picks.

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FUN FACT! If you think that the word Lac­to­bacil­lus sounds fa­mil­iar, then you’re prob­a­bly right cos that’s the kind of live pro­bi­otics used in the good ol’ crowd-favourite yo­gurt drink, Vita­gen. When used in skin­care, it mim­ics the nat­u­ral bac­te­rial pro­tec­tion of new­born ba­bies and cre­ates a bal­anced en­vi­ron­ment for healthy bac­te­ria, in­creas­ing skin’s re­silience while de­creas­ing sen­si­tiv­ity. Now, as one of the few beauty brands that cham­pi­ons pro­bi­otics, OMM’s ar­rival in Malaysia piqued our cu­rios­ity. Here are our picks, in or­der:

PICK 1: OMM UV SHIELD MOIS­TURE SUN MIST SPF50+/PA++++, RM149 By now, you would’ve known the reper­cus­sions of sun dam­age, so you’d know to in­clude a sun­block in your daily rou­tine. This works great as it comes in a spray form and is per­fect for use on the go. It re­leases ul­tra-fine mist and is non-sticky. With a for­mula that fea­tures Lac­to­bacil­lus and Gang­won-do Deep Sea Wa­ter, it will help boost skin’s re­silience on top of broad-spec­trum UV pro­tec­tion. You can mist di­rectly over your face (avoid the eyes and nose!) or spray onto your palms and pat all over.

PICK 3: FRESH JUICE MASK SE­RIES IN BLUBERRY, RM105 What im­me­di­ately caught our eye was the pack­ag­ing that looks just like a juice car­ton – how cute! How­ever, it is in fact an in­ten­sive seven-day mask with in­di­vid­u­ally-sealed rose fi­bre sheets that are freshly soaked in blue­berry ex­tract that pre­vents wrin­kle for­ma­tion by re­sist­ing ox­i­da­tion and scav­eng­ing free rad­i­cals that cause pre­ma­ture age­ing.

PICK 2: OMM CRYS­TAL LU­MI­NOUS DRIPS MOSTURISING MASK, RM89 These in­ter­est­ing-look­ing crys­tal balls are ac­tu­ally cap­sule sleep­ing masks that de­liver much-needed nu­tri­ents into your skin while you sleep. They’re more con­cen­trated than your reg­u­lar night cream and mimic skin’s nat­u­ral wa­ter-lipid ra­tio for op­ti­mal re­pair. The cap­sules are pack­aged in a way where the de­liv­ery gel is sep­a­rated from the nu­tri­tive cream, so you need to mix them both with a spat­ula or cot­ton bud be­fore ap­pli­ca­tion.

PICK 4: FRESH FER­MENT MOIS­TURE FIRST ESSENCE, RM199 For us, this is the ul­ti­mate musthave from the brand! As the first step in your skin­care rou­tine, the ul­tra-mois­tur­is­ing toner ac­ti­vates skin to re­ceive the next prod­ucts. Its unique for­mula, con­tain­ing Lac­to­bacil­lus en­sures quicker re­sults from your prod­ucts while pro­tect­ing skin from tox­ins.

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