1. “Cher­ish. 2018 was a roller-coaster ride for me and de­spite the ups and downs, I still em­braced the good­ness in my life and I hope to move up­wards this year with that same mind­set. Bring it on, 2019!” – Ama­lina Anuar

2. “Au­then­tic­ity be­cause I want to start stay­ing true to my­self and not just go­ing with the flow. My end goal is to learn, ac­cept and ap­pre­ci­ate my­self for who I am.” – Chan Su Min

3. “Read. 2019 is go­ing to be the year of au­dio books since I now have the Audi­ble app to keep me com­pany dur­ing com­mutes. My only re­gret was not us­ing it ear­lier as I would’ve com­pleted so many ex­cel­lent reads by now!” – Nabila Azlan

4. “I have this ten­dency to blame my­self first and shoul­der fail­ure even when the fault may not be mine which isn’t con­struc­tive and help­ful in any sit­u­a­tion. That’s why I’m aim­ing to be kinder to my­self and to oth­ers this year.” – Aster Lim

5. “I want my 2019 to be de­fined by learn­ing. No mat­ter how triv­ial or com­plex, any new piece of knowl­edge will make me bet­ter than I was the day be­fore. I even have a note­book ready to col­lect every new thing I learn!” – Ng Yi-Di

6. “My one-word res­o­lu­tion for 2019 is bal­ance. I re­alised that I spent so lit­tle time en­joy­ing life in 2018 so this year I’m go­ing to prac­tice a work-life bal­ance so that I don’t re­gret any­thing when I turn 30.” – Rachel Dulis

7. “Mine has to be de­clut­ter be­cause life’s too short to be deal­ing with un­nec­es­sary dis­trac­tions whether it’s from the peo­ple around you or the ob­jects that sur­round you. Cheers to less non­sense and a clearer con­science.” – Stephanie Liaw

8. “Pri­or­ity be­cause it’s about time I got my pri­or­i­ties in check e.g. stop spend­ing money on un­nec­es­sary food and open up that life sav­ings ac­count I’ve been putting on hold. Here’s to say­ing yes to the things that mat­ter more!” – Tammy Chan

9. “As my son, Ray­han grows, it’s be­com­ing quite a chal­lenge to keep up with him and make sure he’s learn­ing some­thing new every day all while keep­ing it to­gether my­self. I’d like for 2019 to be a year of pa­tience for me as I nav­i­gate through this crazy jour­ney of life as a work­ing mum.” – Sarah Hani Jamil

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