Res­i­dent Evil: Rev­e­la­tions 2

GAX (Malaysia) - - FEATURE - by Sale­hud­dinHusin

Cap­com’s Rev­e­la­tions spinoff se­ries seems to have got­ten a life of its own. De­spite the ‘2’ at the end, Rev­e­la­tions 2 (R2) barely has any­thing to do with the first game. In­stead, R2 takes place af­ter the events of RE 6, with Claire and Moira be­ing kid­napped, brought to a mys­te­ri­ous is­land and forced to fight to sur­vive.

Like Res­i­dent Evil and Res­i­dent Evil 2, R2 has two cam­paigns, Claire with Moira and Barry with Natalia. The game’s bro­ken into four dif­fer­ent episodes, with each episode hav­ing both Claire and Barry sec­tions. The episodic na­ture means the game is shorter than ex­pected, even with the co­pi­ous amount of back­track­ing.

The Rev­e­la­tions se­ries is sup­posed to take the se­ries back to its sur­vival hor­ror roots, but doesn’t re­ally suc­ceed too well. When it does, it re­lies on cheap jump­scares (in­stead of sus­pense or hor­ror) to get the adren­a­line go­ing. There’s no ‘sur­vival’ to the hor­ror too as sur­viv­ing’s in­cred­i­bly easy be­cause you can re­play episodes to stock up on ammo and health. Play­ing as Claire or Barry al­lows you to use guns, though you can also play as Moira or Natalia. Moira and Natalia both can spot hid­den items, while Moira also can stun enemies and Natalia can see where enemies are through walls. Play­ing as ei­ther is fun and gives a new twist to an oth­er­wise un­re­mark­able game, though the plot has mas­sive rev­e­la­tions for the Res­i­dent Evil mythos. So if you’re a fan of the lore, you need to play the game.

While the main game won’t last you long (de­spite its un­locks), the game’s Raid Mode def­i­nitely will. Raid Mode is a ga­me­type with RPG el­e­ments. You choose from a hand­ful of RE char­ac­ters, se­lect a mission and then play. Each char­ac­ter has their own lev­els and up­grade­able skills. Weapons can ei­ther be bought or found in chests in mis­sions. Raid Mode’s RPG el­e­ments make it very ad­dict­ing as you con­stantly get more pow­er­ful guns and skills as you play. In fact, I en­joyed Raid mode more than I en­joyed the game proper, es­pe­cially when played in co-op. The only draw­back is the limited num­ber of Raid maps avail­able, with most of them be­ing taken from RE6 and Rev­e­la­tions.

The game’s low bud­get can eas­ily be seen in the graph­ics and cutscenes. The tex­tures and char­ac­ters look last gen, though at least the fram­er­ate is con­stant. Same goes for the sound too. They sound low qual­ity when com­pared to pre­vi­ous games.

R2 is a pass­able RE game but it’s nowhere near the qual­ity of the orig­i­nal RE games or even the first Rev­e­la­tions. But for RM83 though, it’s more than worth it, es­pe­cially if you’re into Res­i­dent Evil.

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