Ubisoft An­nounced New­est Ad­di­tion to the Far Cry Se­ries – Far Cry Pri­mal

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Set dur­ing the Stone Age (10,000 B.C. to be ex­act), FarCry Pri­mal is – par­don the pun – very much a far cry from the pre­vi­ous Far Cry games, which had plenty of guns, ve­hi­cles, and of course, ex­plo­sions. Far Cry Pri­mal will have none of th­ese, sim­ply be­cause the game is, af­ter all, set in the pre­his­toric era.

In Far Cry Pri­mal, play­ers will as­sume the role of lead char­ac­ter Takkar – a hunter whose tribe is not only threat­ened by the likes of ri­val tribes, but also the var­i­ous gar­gan­tuan-sized preda­tors that roamed the earth mil­len­ni­ums ago.

It goes with­out say­ing that you won’t en­counter any tyran­ni­cal dic­ta­tors in Far Cry Pri­mal either, as most of your en­e­mies are of the four-legged kind: woolly mam­moths, saber­tooth tigers, wolves, and bears. That’s just the tip of the ice­berg, as Ubisoft will be un­veil­ing more furry en­e­mies closer to launch day. As we men­tioned ear­lier, you will also come face-to­face with sav­age tribal war­riors who want you dead as well.

As there aren’t any high-tech weaponry for you to de­fend your­self with in Far Cry Pri­mal, you’ll have to re­sort to forg­ing your own weapons out of – wait for it – good ol’ wood and stone. Yes, you read that right. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to craft more com­plex weapons as you dis­cover new resources through­out the game.

Also, as Far Cry Pri­mal heav­ily re­volves around the theme of sur­vival, you’re pretty much obliged to scour its pre­his­toric open-world for food and other ma­te­ri­als that are es­sen­tial for your sur­vival. On top of that, you’ll also be re­quired to es­tab­lish a camp and set up a camp­fire once night falls, just so you can pro­tect your­self against preda­tors that hunt un­der the cover of dark­ness.

Far Cry Pri­mal will be avail­able on Fe­bru­ary 13, 2016 for the PS4 and Xbox One, with the PC ver­sion only ar­riv­ing a month later in March.

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