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As I have never per­son­ally played De­mon Souls, Dark

Souls or Dark Souls II,

Blood­borne was my first ex­po­sure to From Soft­ware’s recipe for ripped out hairs, bro­ken con­trollers (and fur­ni­ture, on oc­ca­sion) and bru­tal rage quit sto­ries. That was when my pride as a gamer was first shat­tered, but also when I felt the ex­treme ease – by com­par­i­son, any­way – of games like the Mon­ster Hunter and Phan­tasy Star se­ries. And now with The Old Hun­ters ex­pan­sion, it’s pretty much the same story. Only, The Old

Hun­ters now makes the base game feel like a walk in the park, as homi­cide-in­duc­ing as it al­ready is.

The ex­pan­sion adds quite a lot of con­tent to Blood­borne, with new weapons, bosses, NPCs, and a story arc that feels like well over half the base game. Tak­ing place in the Hunter’s Night­mare, you visit a ver­sion of Yhar­nam that is seen by hun­ters who have lost them­selves to the blood­lust of the hunt. And the very first foe you en­counter is one such hunter – a generic, respawn­ing one at that, wield­ing what is likely the first weapons that you’ll find added in the ex­pan­sion. As you progress, you’ll en­counter dif­fer­ent fla­vors of dif­fi­culty, from hard-hit­ting ones that can take some pun­ish­ment (like the respawn­ing hun­ters) to weak ones that come in mas­sive mobs.


Some of the newer weapons feel like hy­brids of ex­ist­ing weapons found in the base game, while oth­ers feel quite fresh. My per­sonal fa­vorite is the Rakuyo, which crosses the dual-wielded Blade of Mercy and the Chik­age in its saber stance. It’s nowhere as fast as the for­mer, and uses as much stamina as the lat­ter, but you get the lat­ter’s stag­ger power and range with the re­lent­less flurry of the for­mer. And then there’s the Fist of Gra­tia, a crude iron block used as a brass knuckle in place of your sidearm, be­cause why not?

The Old Hun­ters also adds fur­ther con­tent to the base game, namely in the form of The League. This fac­tion is as mys­te­ri­ous and as (un) trust­wor­thy as the oth­ers in the base game, but oddly enough has a fo­cus on co­op­er­a­tion. Along with that, cer­tain points (typ­i­cally be­fore a boss bat­tle) are added into the game where you can sum­mon NPC hun­ters to help you, at the cost of one In­sight. They serve as a use­ful dis­trac­tion, but they are nearly as frag­ile as you are. So un­less you’re pulling your own weight, your In­sight will go to waste.

In your face! Again!

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