Not your daddy’s tank sim


GAX (Malaysia) - - REVIEW - by Sharmine Ishak

Mind­blow­ing fun

If you have to choose a game that lives up to the prom­ise and mag­nif­i­cence of VR, Bat­tle­zone is the ti­tle that should ac­com­pany any new PS VR pur­chase. The fancy re­make of the 1980 orig­i­nal soars to greater heights in its 2016 edi­tion, which brings play­ers back to the bat­tle zone in a tank. But make no mis­take, in spite of the sim­plis­tic rst-per­son game­play, there’s more to this ar­cade clas­sic than meets the eye.

At the heart of it all, Bat­tle­zone is a strat­egy game that puts play­ers in a cam­paign to de­stroy the en­emy’s base at the end of a pro­ce­du­rally-gen­er­ated map. Hexes, which make up the map, rep­re­sent in­di­vid­ual lev­els that play­ers must nav­i­gate and con­quer to move for­ward, each with mis­sions that in­volve de­stroy­ing waves of en­e­mies or blow­ing up larger com­plexes.

While play­ers can take the ac­tion on­line with friends in co-op, the di­verse ar­se­nal of up­grades to un­lock and uti­lize, as well as the typ­i­cal ar­cade trim­mings like ad­di­tional lives re­mind you that the game is – at its core – a sin­gle-player ex­pe­ri­ence. Highly re­playable with a va­ri­ety of sce­nar­ios to look for­ward to, the game keeps your progress with each pass­ing cam­paign, so that you’ll be ready for that big show­down when you ar­rive at your en­emy’s home ground.


Clas­sic re­vival done right.

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