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Call of Duty: WWII

GAX (Malaysia) - - TEST - By Ian Chee

Af­ter push­ing the time pe­riod to mod­ern day with the Mod­ern War­fare and Ghosts sub­series, and into the fu­ture with the In­fi­nite War­fare and Black Ops sub­series, Call of Duty now re­turns to the tried-andtested World War II era, with a slight twist. A twist that, it has to be said, was done bet­ter be­fore by the se­ries.

In­stead of cov­er­ing the usual Al­lied cam­paign, Call of Duty: WWII fo­cuses en­tirely on the Amer­i­can forces – specif­i­cally, a First In­fantry Divi­sion sol­dier, Pri­vate First Class Ron­ald ‘Red’ Daniels. And while it gets bonus drama points for cen­ter­ing the nar­ra­tive on a sin­gle per­son, things do get stale af­ter awhile, es­pe­cially with all the close calls and ex­plo­sions that may make you think you were watch­ing a Michael Bay film. Then, there are the game me­chan­ics. Re­gen­er­at­ing health is gone now in fa­vor of a health me­ter and first aid kits. This is a plus and a mi­nus point, de­pend­ing on the way you look at it. Col­lectibles are here as al­ways, but each mis­sion now has two types of col­lectibles, one be­ing an ac­tual phys­i­cal ob­ject , while the other in the form of Heroic Ac­tions, which are usu­ally scripted events that re­quire you to save a fel­low sol­dier from peril. Half the time this means that you’ll have to get out of cover, putting your­self in en­emy fire to per­form these ac­tions. While en­tirely pos­si­ble on the eas­i­est dif­fi­culty set­ting, play­ing on any dif­fi­culty be­yond Nor­mal makes them im­pos­si­ble to per­form, as en­e­mies get laser ac­cu­racy and zero re­coil, while each shot you take can be fa­tal – un­less, of course, you haven’t used up all your smoke grenades be­fore get­ting to this point.

As with the pre­vi­ous games in the se­ries, mul­ti­player is where the game per­forms best. With the new War mode, matches get longer and more mean­ing­ful than the usual Team Death­match. There are a lot of game modes to choose from, but some of them are ac­tu­ally the same game with a dif­fer­ent name. While there’s no ac­tual class sys­tem in the game, pick­ing one does dic­tate what sort of gear you start with, and un­lock­ing others makes their start­ing weapons avail­able to other classes. While this does add va­ri­ety to the mul­ti­player ex­pe­ri­ence, some weapons are still clearly bet­ter than others. The Nazi Zom­bies mode is the fa­mil­iar wacky mode against the un­dead. The weapon un­locks here are the same as the ones in the reg­u­lar mul­ti­player, but both modes don’t share pro­gres­sion, so you’ll have to un­lock weapons separately.

CON­CLU­SION The lat­est Call of Duty is a fa­mil­iar one, but the cam­paign will work bet­ter as a TV se­ries in­stead.

Al­ways get­ting the short end of the stick, en­emy tanks have im­per­vi­ous front ar­mor, which you don’t.

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