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Imag­ine your ball in the mid­dle of one

Golf Asia (Malaysia) - - INSTRUCTION -

This is an ex­ten­sion, lit­er­ally, of the “line drill” on the pre­vi­ous page. If you en­ter the sand be­fore the ball, it’s a good start to the im­pact re­quired in a bunker. But you still need to make a pos­i­tive mo­tion through the sand. I like think­ing of the im­age of a fried egg, with the ball the yolk. The key is that you must hit the white al­bu­men, not the yel­low yolk. Here’s an­other one – think of the ball sit­ting in the mid­dle of an imag­i­nary brick – or even a note – in the sand. I’ve drawn one here around the edges of where it would be (A). I want you to think about en­ter­ing the sand where the brick out­line starts, and exit it where the out­line ends. Re­mem­ber, open the club­face be­fore you take your grip, and then use the bounce to zip it through the sand. Do this with a nice pos­i­tive ac­tion through the sand and the ball has no op­tion but to float out, leav­ing a sand divot as long as the note (B). Fol­low these tips and be­fore long, you will won­der why you ever strug­gled from sand.

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