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Touted as the world’s most ac­cu­rate me­chan­i­cal watch, the Defy Lab is the first watch with a 44mm case made from Aeronith, the world’s light­est alu­minium com­pos­ite ma­te­rial. This new ma­te­rial re­sem­bling an ex­tremely solid metal foam was de­vel­oped us­ing an ex­clu­sive high-tech process and is 2.7 times lighter than ti­ta­nium, 1.7 times lighter than alu­minium and 10% lighter than car­bon fi­bre. A new os­cil­la­tor form­ing a mono­lithic whole, made of monocrys­talline sil­i­con re­places the sprung bal­ance. The 30 or so com­po­nents of a stan­dard reg­u­lat­ing or­gan are thus re­placed by a sin­gle el­e­ment mea­sur­ing just 0.5 mm thick and beats at the in­cred­i­ble fre­quency of 15 Hertz and is en­dowed with an al­most 60 hour power re­serve. This fre­quency en­dows it with an ex­cep­tional de­gree of ac­cu­racy and its mean daily rate is pre­cise to within just 0.3 sec­onds. More­over, it re­mains ac­cu­rate far be­yond 24 hours of op­er­a­tion, the mo­ment when me­chan­i­cal watches be­gin to lose their en­ergy and thus their ac­cu­racy. This new os­cil­la­tor main­tains the same de­gree of pre­ci­sion for 95% of its power re­serve. With no need for oil, no more con­tact means no more fric­tion or wear, and thus no need for lu­bri­ca­tion.

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