Cauley’s text­book swing is start­ing to pay off

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Al­though Cauley’s setup looks great, says his coach, Matt Killen, it re­quires con­stant mon­i­tor­ing: weight dis­tri­bu­tion, ball po­si­tion and the align­ment of the feet, hips, chest and club­face rel­a­tive to the shot he’s try­ing to hit. The hands and ster­num start back in line; he’s fo­cused on cre­at­ing width, Killen says.


To coil his body sig­nif­i­cantly, you can see that Cauley lets his lower body move in the same di­rec­tion as his torso, Killen says. “Note how his right knee is higher than the left when he’s half­way back,” Killen says. “He’s not try­ing to limit the lower body from turn­ing. Most great play­ers do not limit hip turn.”


Look at his head at ad­dress and com­pare it to the next three pho­tos. It has tilted slightly, but it’s still cen­tered, Killen says. Ama­teur tip: A steady head pro­motes solid contact. Like many great ball-strik­ers, Cauley also has turned his shoul­ders roughly 90 degrees by the time his left arm gets par­al­lel to the ground.


As he starts the down­swing, he presses into the ground, ev­i­denced by the in­crease in knee flex, Killen says. At the same time, his hips are open­ing. That com­bi­na­tion cre­ates a lot of power. “This is when he ‘lays the shaft down,’ ” Killen says, “al­low­ing him to swing from in­side-out and hit a small draw.”


“Look at his belt line,” Killen says. “You can see the belt is ris­ing as his hips open. He’s push­ing up.” The slight tilt away from the tar­get at im­pact is cre­ated by the hips mov­ing for­ward while the up­per body stays back. “This is very com­mon among the bombers on tour,” Killen says. “It al­lows him to hit up on the ball.”


Cauley might ap­pear to be in a quiet, per­fectly bal­anced fin­ish, but a lot hap­pened be­fore this point, Killen says. The force he cre­ated in the down­swing caused his feet to no­tice­ably move from start to fin­ish— es­pe­cially the left. “A pow­er­ful driver swing is an ag­gres­sive mo­tion,” Killen says.

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