▶ We asked our Twit­ter fol­low­ers (@Golfdi­gest) to share their fa­vorite golf pranks. Here’s a sam­pling :

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▶ fill some­body’s um­brella with con­fetti. put it in their bag and pray for rain! [email protected]­florida

▶ fill­ing the dim­ple of a tee with glue to get at the buddy who al­ways asks for a tee on #1 box [email protected]­drent­frow

▶ un­der the seat, flip the cart into “tow mode” (on a hill if you want to get real dirty) [email protected]

▶ leav­ing marsh­mal­lows near a green so that some­one thinks they are sit­ting good when they are ac­tu­ally plugged in the bunker [email protected]

▶ we talk about snakes to our un­sus­pect­ing pal. when he hits one in the woods we re­mind him to take a club. then we rat­tle an advil bot­tle [email protected]­catcher7

▶ “race to the next tee box, loser buys the next round of drinks?” their cart is set in neu­tral as i step on the gas [email protected]

▶ a friend put small rocks a few at a time into our buddy’s bag over six months. fi­nally he says, “this bag seems su­per heavy!” [email protected]­son71403511

▶ putting an ex­tra club in my op­po­nent’s bag be­fore the round and then call­ing him out on it af­ter three holes [email protected]

▶ wa­gered with a friend for a club clean­ing. i lost . . . put bb shot in five of his clubs thru grip hole with a pick. re­ac­tion when he swung driver! [email protected]

▶ ba­nana in the bag at the end of the sea­son [email protected]­ma­son

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