Golf Digest (Malaysia) - - Winterize Your Game - BY MATT WIL­SON

This is go­ing to be the year you fi­nally start hit­ting your irons the dis­tances you’re sup­posed to hit them. How? You’re go­ing to use this win­ter to learn to swing

through the ball, not at it. If you have plas­tic or foam balls and can work out­side, ad­dress a ball with your iron, but place a sec­ond ball down an inch closer to your tar­get. When you swing, put all your at­ten­tion on hit­ting the sec­ond ball. This will get you to strike the first ball solidly, and keep the swing go­ing. Af­ter a while, take the sec­ond ball away, but pre­tend like it’s still there and try to hit it. Even if you can’t—or won’t—swing out­doors, us­ing the “ball in front of the ball” vi­su­al­iza­tion is a great way to put your at­ten­tion on the tar­get side of the ball. You’ll feel like the club­head is mov­ing low along the ground af­ter im­pact— that’s how to pick up a full club on iron shots.

wil­son is one of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teach­ers.

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