Golf Digest (Malaysia) - - Winterize Your Game - BY DAVID LEAD­BET­TER

Chip­ping in­doors is a time-hon­ored way to get your golf fix on in­clement days. But rather than do­ing it mind­lessly, use this time to im­prove your lower­body ac­tion. Many am­a­teurs hit these shots off their back foot, try­ing to lift the ball into the air. If you hang back with a cushy lie, you might get lucky and still chip it OK. But do it on a door mat, and you might ric­o­chet one off the china cab­i­net. The goal is to get your weight on the front foot and hit down on the ball. A good tech­nique to en­sure that hap­pens is to move your back knee to­ward the tar­get as you swing down. It can even bump the front knee. This will help you hit it solid. Check this move in front of a mir­ror to con­firm what you’re do­ing. lead­bet­ter is one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teach­ers in Amer­ica.

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