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I see three very pos­i­tive as­pects in this photo (left). It was taken af­ter im­pact, yet my back heel is just begin­ning to rise off the turf. That tells me I gen­er­ated power by us­ing the ground. I also like how the in­side of my right wrist is rub­bing against the in­side of my left wrist. When peo­ple talk about re­leas­ing the club, this is the move they mean—the club­head is get­ting thrown down the tar­get line with speed. Last, no­tice how you can see a slice of sky be­tween my right shoul­der and my chin. I work on pos­ture, and a fault I some­times bat­tle is get­ting too hunched over. Not here. I’ve stayed tall, giv­ing my right shoul­der plenty of room to ro­tate un­der­neath. This ball was spanked.

Pho­tographs by Wal­ter Iooss Jr.

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