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Ev­ery good short game starts here

Golf Digest (Malaysia) - - Contents 01/18 - BY COREY LUNDBERG

Ev­ery good short game starts here.

The best short-game play­ers al­ways find a way to fig­ure out the right play and get the ball close. You walk away think­ing they have some mag­i­cal gift. But the abil­ity to pull off those lit­tle shots is rooted in one sim­ple skill: mak­ing solid con­tact. That’s the first fun­da­men­tal of the short game, and whether those play­ers know it or not, learn­ing to strike the ball con­sis­tently set them on the fast track to suc­cess.

Most golfers get caught up in all the de­tails of the shot—the carry, the roll, trou­ble over the green—and they for­get that hit­ting the ball solid is the first re­quire­ment. For a ba­sic chip, which works for most green­side sit­u­a­tions, good con­tact comes mostly from get­ting into a proper setup. Take a nar­row stance, with the ball in the mid­dle and your spine ver­ti­cal—not tilted away from the hole. Set more weight on your front foot, and then lean the han­dle just ahead of your pants zip­per. Also, open the club­face a touch. These po­si­tions will pre-set a swing where you catch the ball first, then brush the grass.

The swing flows nat­u­rally from the setup. It’s an arc back and through with a slight descent into the ball. With the face open, the club will slide through im­pact. Re­mem­ber, it’s about ball-first con­tact.

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