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Golf Digest (Malaysia) - - Contents 01/18 - WITH MAX ADLER

Greg Nor­man, 62, is as dan­ger­ous as ever.

He doesn’t play much com­pet­i­tive golf any­more, but don’t get the idea Greg Nor­man is slow­ing down. The win­ner of two ma­jors and 91 tour­na­ments world­wide re­cently met with Golf Di­gest Editorial Di­rec­tor Max Adler to share his cur­rent think­ing on naked work­outs, play­ing shirt­less, music on the course, and more. i work out in the dark, of­ten naked. It feels good to me. I have a bet­ter sense of my body’s align­ment, the re­la­tion­ship of my mus­cles to the machines and weights, and I tend to just let my­self go a bit more. i like a broad range of music gen­res, but in the gym I’ll maybe put on some elec­tronic dance to kick me up a bit. On the golf course, maybe some light jazz. i was pos­si­bly the first tour pro to hire a trainer. It was 1991, and Pete Draovitch was a prom­i­nent sports ther­a­pist in Palm Beach. He wasn’t a golfer—I had to teach him what golf mus­cles were—but Pete un­der­stood how to help a per­son achieve his or her ideal bal­ance of strength and flex­i­bil­ity. Our anatomies are as unique as fin­ger­prints. The ex­er­cises that are right for you aren’t nec­es­sar­ily right for me. I’m wary of train­ers that look like Mr. Uni­verse and think that’s how ev­ery­one ought to look. There’s golf-fit and ego-fit, and car­ing about the lat­ter is how play­ers get in­jured. Pete kept me healthy dur­ing the heart of my ca­reer. I still al­ter­nate among the pro­grams he de­signed for me, and I never get bored. i have some friends who give me stick about my In­sta­gram posts. My kids think noth­ing of it—they know that’s who I am. The one of me naked in the moun­tain spring that went vi­ral? That was my wife’s do­ing. When your wife says you look hot and wants to snap a photo, that’s a good thing. i’ve been to re­sorts where the guys play in bathing suits, and even some of the gals, too. I used to prac­tice shirt­less in my back yard. Ob­vi­ously, it won’t work at all cour­ses, but there’s noth­ing wrong with giv­ing the op­tion. for the past four years I’ve been work­ing on some­thing called the Shark Ex­pe­ri­ence, and it’s fi­nally here. Club Car is build­ing 50,000 carts with Blue­tooth-en­abled screens that can stream music, sports, news— what­ever ap­pli­ca­tions the world can imag­ine—through speak­ers de­signed, by the shape of the cone and its an­gle of mount­ing, to keep the sound within the cart. To grow golf in these times you need to give peo­ple the choice of stay­ing con­nected. i en­joy hik­ing, horse­back rid­ing, scuba diving, hunt­ing and more, but one thing I never got the hang of was kite­board­ing. My son, Gre­gory, tried to teach me in Cape Hat­teras [N.C.]. I face-planted so many times I had salt­wa­ter com­ing out ev­ery ori­fice. Not do­ing that again. the clos­est I’ve ever come to death was prob­a­bly when I was a teen. A friend and I went hunt­ing in the Aus­tralian out­back. There are cer­tain times of year when black snakes will be very ag­gres­sive if you en­ter their ter­ri­tory. One came af­ter us. We ran and jumped onto the hood of our car. We shot and shot, miss­ing, as it came at us. We don’t know who hit it, but we got it at the last pos­si­ble se­cond. the fastest I’ve driven a car on a free­way is 312 kilo­me­ters per hour [194 mph]. It was in the Mid­dle East, and this guy let me get be­hind the wheel of his new Lam­borgh­ini. I said, “How fast have you pushed this thing?” He said, “Not much.” The torque was in­cred­i­ble, how the car kept pulling and pulling. I glanced down at 308, and the en­gine still hadn’t backed off. Time to stop. The guy had turned white. still on my bucket list is to go diving un­der the Antarc­tic ice pack. I’ve seen doc­u­men­taries about this that look amaz­ing. It’s all about un­der­stand­ing the weather sys­tem. You cut a hole and go down on a teth­ered line, and if that hole freezes over, you’re done.

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