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Singapore's First 2-in-1 Course


The island’s only public 18-hole golf course, Marina Bay Golf Course, refreshes the experience for golfers by offering a reworked configurat­ion that offers new challenges on familiar ground.

Currently, golfers play the front nine around the outer loop of the course before moving on to the back nine that snakes within the inner loop towards the clubhouse.

The new configurat­ion, known as Course B, now features a combinatio­n of both loops on the front and back nines, such as hole 5 which crosses into the inner loop, and holes 9 and 18 assuming the position of the current layout’s hole 18 and hole 10 accordingl­y.

Officially launched on May 3, a special 4-hole singles match play competitio­n was held to mark the launch of the new layout.

Course B will be available for play from Wednesday to Sunday on alternatin­g weeks with its current configurat­ion that is now known as Course A. To find out more about Course B, visit

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