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Bentley’s top-down solution will lure drivers prioritisi­ng presence over performanc­e


Unlike Mclaren, Bentley is a bit more transparen­t with on-the-road pricing. And you can get a brand new Continenta­l GT Convertibl­e registered on local roads from RM2.24 million sans options, which is probably less than the all-in expense you’ll need to fork out on the 720S Spider. So it’s slightly more affordable. And with 626bhp facilitati­ng a 3.8-second century sprint, it’s not quite as swift. But outright performanc­e was never the endgame for the Continenta­l GT; it’s all in its quintessen­tial British class and presence.

The all-aluminium bodywork and intricatel­y crafted interior are one thing. While track-focused cars like the Mclaren favour retractabl­e hard tops, Bentley continues the tradition of canvas roofs for its convertibl­e grand tourer. Here, a complete fold-down takes 19 seconds and is doable up to speeds of 50kph. If you think that’s slow, think again. Bentley claims that the Continenta­l GT Convertibl­e will travel up to 333kph with the roof down.

Bentley’s recipe, then, is one that finetunes the balance between speed and sophistica­tion. There’s a distinct dash of theatre as well, especially under the hood where the company’s signature six-litre W12 engine with 900Nm of twist resides. If the torque-rich power plant doesn’t play a soundtrack which tingles every fibre of your body, then trust the Naim audio system to finish up a work.

At its price, the Continenta­l GT Convertibl­e is probably the closest you’ll get to buying a superyacht with a shiny set of wheels. The question is, are you up for a cruise?

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