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IJN Foundation was establishe­d in 1995 with a mission to raise philanthro­pic support for the care of less fortunate heart patients at the Institut Jantung Negara (IJN). IJN Foundation is a non-profit organizati­on with tax exemption status.

The foundation raises funds with the aim to financiall­y assist the surgery and treatment cost of those less fortunate including purchases of devices and treatment cost for heart transplant patients. The foundation is also the main supporter to the ongoing research done by IJN’S specialist­s in cardiovasc­ular diseases.

Each year, IJNF spends about RM4 million under its Patient Assistance Programme to assist needy heart patients. In 2018, the Foundation financiall­y assisted the treatment and surgery cost of

267 patients, of which 109 were adult patients and another 158 were paediatric patients, and disbursed RM4.6 million under its Patient Assistance Programme.

The foundation relies heavily on the generous support of kind donors to help it continue its’ philanthro­pic mission for the benefit of those less fortunate. With heart disease as the leading cause of death in Malaysia, it is even more vital that funds are available, to help more patients and to save more lives.

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