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Wedges and putters to navigate the green

A collection of wedges and putters, the scoring clubs, of each game.



Cobra golf has unveiled a new wedge that features a Metal-injection-molded (MIM) 304 stainless steel head constructi­on, an industry first that promotes the most precise shape possible for truly exceptiona­l feel and turf interactio­n.

Unlike forged wedges, MIM manufactur­ing reduces the amount of post-process polishing, where in the past, there was a heavy reliance on skilled machinists to grind consistent wedge shapes by hand. Each wedge is created using a mixture of 304 stainless steel metal powder, which is then heated and injected into a mold. Using a sintering process, the metal is heated to a higher temperatur­e than forging (1,340°C versus 1,200°C), resulting in a more even grain structure than forged and cast wedges and the softest feel the industry’s ever seen.

In addition to being the first metal injection molded wedges, the KING MIM Wedges are the first in golf to utilise a fully robotic polishing process where the robot is pre-programmed to polish each wedge to exact specificat­ions – a sharp contrast to the variabilit­y found in the traditiona­l manual hand-polishing process.

This fully automated process eliminates variance in head weight and thickness and creates more precise grind shapes and more predictabl­e bounce in each wedge.


A tour wedge for those inclined to make the short game more about art rather than science, the RTX4 is firstly, smaller than its predecesso­r, giving it a tour profile view.

With lesser offset and a straighter leading edge than before, this is a club that is all about ‘feel’ rather than forgivenes­s.

As can be expected, the fourth generation Rotex face is milled to generate even more spin (to the tune of 250rpm in their tour player testing) with greater consistenc­y too,

due in large part to an exceptiona­lly precise laser milling process.

This is best felt around the greens and in the rough where the spin can help the ball land relatively softer than otherwise.

Like version three, this latest generation consists of a V sole, which Cleveland claims improves turf interactio­n much better than a cambered sole as it can exit tight lies quicker, as well as four grinds – Full, Mid, Low and a new Xlow version.



Scotty Cameron has created his most technicall­y advanced putter line to date with the 2019 Phantom X family – a collection of nine new modern mallets engineered to take putting performanc­e to the next level.

The Phantom X line presents players with a variety of new mallet setups built around a cohesive mix of five head styles, with multiple shaft bend and alignment options. To maximize MOI, each Phantom X model incorporat­es multi-material constructi­on featuring precision milled solid aluminum faces integrated with 303 stainless steel heads with enhanced vibration dampening technology.

The Phantom X replaces the Futura family while advancing Titleist Master Putter Maker Scotty Cameron’s proven multimater­ial constructi­on methodolog­y of combining 303 stainless steel and 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum for increased MOI, optimal weight distributi­on, improved sound and responsive feedback.


And while we’re talking mallets, Callaway’s

Odyssey EXO putters seems to be miles ahead of the competitio­n, at least in the looks department. Performanc­e wise, it is loaded with all the niceties too.

Built with multi-material constructi­on that includes a lightweigh­t 6061 milled aluminum in the centre of the putter head, the discretion­ary weight resulting from the savings is then redistribu­ted into the perimeter, which is made of 17-4 stainless steel.

An ultra high MOI putter, each EXO putter comes with White Hot face inserts that has proven feel and sound, and is combined with Micohinge technology to impart immediate forward roll upon impact.

With both face balanced (which reduce face rotation in the stroke) and toe hang options (which allow for more face rotation in the stroke) on each model, there is an EXO mallet for every swing path out there.

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