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Fab­ric is of­ten used for roller blinds, where a sin­gle sheet of fab­ric is rolled all the way up at the top when not in use. Also of fab­ric, Ro­man blinds are crafted with broad hor­i­zon­tal slats in­side, and as such fold up in sev­eral lay­ers. Both are ex­cel­lent choices for adding colour and tex­ture in the home, giv­ing one the op­tion of choos­ing from pat­terned or plain fab­rics as de­sired. In terms of light con­trol, fab­ric blinds can be fit­ted with black­outs, mak­ing them ideal for ef­fi­cient light-block­ing. They take up less room than cur­tains do, al­low­ing your home a cleaner, min­i­mal­is­tic look. How­ever, do note that fab­rics de­te­ri­o­rate quicker when in con­tact with light, and can pose a chal­lenge when the time comes for clean­ing.

Be­sides the afore­men­tioned two, fab­ric can also be used to make pleated shades. A sin­gle sheet of fab­ric forms many even, hor­i­zon­tal pleats. Clever in­no­va­tions have seen a rise in the use of twin- style pleated shades, where two styles of fab­ric, one sheer and the other solid, are com­bined so as to al­low for bet­ter light con­trol in a room. Many de­signs for ver­ti­cal blinds formed of broad, ver­ti­cal slats, also call for the use of fab­ric.

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